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STI's tooling line includes products that effectively remove coatings and level uneven surfaces. We have tooling for several types of applications such as surface prep, concrete polishing, terrazzo polishing, marble polishing, floor maintenance, and much more! Substrate Technology — in conjunction with our partners IMPACTS Americas, Airtec, Makinex, and Von Arx — can competently equip the floor prep and polishing industry with an affordable, diverse selection of high quality machines, diamond systems, tooling, and accessories.
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PLP Diamond System – Planetary Polishing – Dry Process

  • For dry planetary polishing
  • Coordinated metal and resin bonded diamond system (steps #1-#9)
  • 3-inch diameter
  • Performs concrete polishing using any planetary machine sized 770mm-950mm, 15-24HP, & weighing between 800 and 1,000 pounds
  • Color: yellow

STI Bush Hammer – Concrete Surface Prep

  • Aggressive profiling tool
  • Provides CSP 4 to CSP 5 profile
  • Creates slip-resistant finish on concrete, granite, and marble
  • Long lasting tool – 15,000 SF (1,500 m2)
  • Breaks down the surface that standard diamonds can’t touch

STI 10-Seg Diamond Segments

  • Use for opening steps on uncoated concrete
  • Excellent scratch pattern for old or new concrete
  • Use wet or dry
  • Attaches in 3 different configurations for multiple machines

STI CASH Pads – Concrete, Terrazzo, & Marble Polishing

  • Excellent for light-use polishing maintenance
  • Use on auto-scrubbers and swing machines to remove dust, dirt, and resin swirl
  • For concrete, terrazzo, and marble floors
  • Life expectancy: 15,000 SF (1,500 m2)
  • A 3-step system used with water

STI CASH Dots – Concrete Restoration & Polishing

  • Used for restoration and polishing of concrete floors
  • Can be run on auto-scrubbers, swing machines, and burnishers
  • Life expectancy: 9,000 SF (900 m2)
  • Use with water
  • Available in any diameter between 7 to 27 inches and in assorted grits