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Marble Tooling

Marble Tooling
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STI CASH Pads – Concrete, Terrazzo, & Marble Polishing

  • Excellent for light-use polishing maintenance
  • Use on auto-scrubbers and swing machines to remove dust, dirt, and resin swirl
  • For concrete, terrazzo, and marble floors
  • Life expectancy: 15,000 SF (1,500 m2)
  • A 3-step system used with water

Marble and Stone Polishing Tooling for Sale

If you want to restore or deep clean your stone or marble surfaces, you need the proper tooling. At Substrate Technology Inc., we carry the marble tooling necessary to remove embedded dirt, smooth scratches, and polish high-end surfaces to a lustrous shine.

Why Tooling Matters

Using tooling designed with marble in mind is essential to getting the job done right. A soft bond diamond designed to leave a heavy scratch pattern on concrete can ruin a granite or marble slab. Similarly, it’s important to follow manufacturer guidelines when using marble tooling – some can only be used with wet grinding and polishing while others are only used in scrubbing machines to buff and clean a floor. Proper use of tooling is key to getting the job done right.

Our Stone and Marble Tooling

For multi-step mechanical polishing, we have the MG2 Diamond System for Marble & Terrazzo. Available in both 17 and 21-inch diameters, this is an eight-step system for wet polishing that allows you to move from heavy grinding to smooth flaws to fine polishing for a beautiful, flawless finish. All have either a velcro backing to attach to the machine driver or a gripping backer to use with a hook velcro machine.

For light use polishing, the Substrate Technology Inc. CASH Pads can be used on concrete, terrazzo, and marble floors with swing machines and auto-scrubbers. This tooling is a three-step system used with water to remove dust and embedded dirt and bring an attractive sheen back to worn stone and marble surfaces.

Order Your Marble Tooling Today

Substrate Technology has the marble tooling you need for your next project to achieve a beautiful finish. To get a quote or learn more, please call  +1 (815) 941-4800 or complete our contact form.