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Diamond Systems

Diamond Systems
STI Diamond Systems are a simple and reliable product of our experiences — good and bad — and represent the pinnacle of grinding and polishing quality and longevity. The STI Diamond Systems deliver consistent wear, performance, and results when you use any model of Prep/Master® to drive these brilliantly simple systems.
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PLP Diamond System – Planetary Polishing – Dry Process

  • For dry planetary polishing
  • Coordinated metal and resin bonded diamond system (steps #1-#9)
  • 3-inch diameter
  • Performs concrete polishing using any planetary machine sized 770mm-950mm, 15-24HP, & weighing between 800 and 1,000 pounds
  • Color: yellow

STI CASH Pads – Concrete, Terrazzo, & Marble Polishing

  • Excellent for light-use polishing maintenance
  • Use on auto-scrubbers and swing machines to remove dust, dirt, and resin swirl
  • For concrete, terrazzo, and marble floors
  • Life expectancy: 15,000 SF (1,500 m2)
  • A 3-step system used with water

STI CASH Dots – Concrete Restoration & Polishing

  • Used for restoration and polishing of concrete floors
  • Can be run on auto-scrubbers, swing machines, and burnishers
  • Life expectancy: 9,000 SF (900 m2)
  • Use with water
  • Available in any diameter between 7 to 27 inches and in assorted grits

SPIN-1 Concrete Polishing Pads

  • Exceptionally great for maintaining polished concrete
  • Diamond-impregnanted natural hair pad – for more aggressive polishing and maintenance
  • Pad life is in excess of 20,000 SF (2,000 M2)
  • Can be run wet or dry
  • For use on concrete floors only!

FL-07 Diamond Pads – Concrete Polishing

  • 5-step concrete polishing process
  • 3-inch, resin-bond diamonds
  • Specially formulated for concrete — ground with metal bond diamonds for the absolute best finish
  • Fantastic life of 10,000 SF (1,000 M2)
  • Works on Prep/Master®, Planetary Machines, Terrco® Machines, EDCO®, Swing Machines, and Werkmaster®

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