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Hand Grinder Tooling

Hand Grinder Tooling
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CASH 7-inch Polishing Dots & Pads

  • For low-speed hand-polishers
  • Great for concrete, terrazzo, and marble floors
  • Creates the same beautiful finish as the CASH dot and pad systems – just in a smaller size!

Hand Grinder Tooling for Sale

In order to get the best results when grinding and polishing a concrete slab, you need a high-quality floor grinder used in conjunction with the right tooling. At Substrate Technology, Inc., we have several types of 7-inch concrete tooling to go with your handheld concrete grinder. Whether you need tooling for a fine polish or heavy, resin-bond pads to remove epoxy or mastic coatings, our durable tooling will help you get the professional results you’re looking for.

Choosing the Right Hand Grinder Tooling

Our hand grinder tooling is designed to be used with any variable speed hand grinder to help you get excellent results in corners and compact spaces where your larger equipment can’t access as well as repair minor flaws or issues on concrete, marble, stone, or terrazzo. Choose from:

  • 7-inch Full Face Polishing Pads designed to smooth rough surfaces and bring out a glossy sheen through mechanical polishing.
  • 7-inch Ring Polishing Pads are a blend of resin and metal and can cut through the thickest coatings. These are ideal for heavy grinding projects.
  • CASH 7-inch Polishing Dots and Pads are designed to use in low-speed hand polishing equipment to restore surfaces as well as bring out a smooth sheen in concrete, terrazzo, and marble surfaces.

Order Your Hand Grinder Tooling Today

Substrate Technology, Inc. is proud to carry durable, long-lasting grinder tooling that gets the professional results you need. To order your tooling or find the right option for your next project, call us at   +1 (815) 941-4800 or complete our contact form.