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Surface Preparation Machines for Sale

Surface Preparation Machines for Sale
STI's machinery product line includes floor grinding machines, shot blasters, scarifiers, scrapers, dust collectors, swing machines, burnishers, needle scalers, and much more! Substrate Technology - in conjunction with our partners IMPACTS Americas, Airtec, and Von Arx - can competently equip the floor prep and polishing industry with an affordable, diverse selection of high quality machines, diamond systems, tooling, and accessories.
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Airtec Euro-Sprint ES-200 8-inch Scarifier

Airtec Euro-Sprint ES-200 8-inch Scarifier

  • Scabbling of concrete, asphalt, traffic lines, level differences, rubber deposits, plastic coatings, and dirt crusts
  • Light and handy 8-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for small areas, garages, or residential buildings
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

Airtec Roto-Tiger RT-2500 10-inch Scarifier

  • Strong, solid welded steel construction designed for heavy use
  • Heavy-duty 10-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for mid-size or larger projects
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

Airtec Roto-Mat RM-320 13-inch Surfacer

  • Powerful, efficient roughening and cleaning machine for large-area tasks
  • Heavy-duty 13-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for mid-size or larger projects
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster (8-inch)

  • For Blasting Projects 430 SF/hr (40m2/hr)
  • 110V, manual speed
  • Ideal for smaller residential or business areas
  • Adjustable handle
  • Recommended dust collector: PM3003AR

IMPACTS S210E-40R Shot Blaster (8-inch)

  • For Blasting Projects 861 SF/hr (80m2/hr)
  • Ideal for smaller residential or business areas
  • 220V, Self-propelled
  • Adjustable handle
  • Recommended dust collector: PM3003AR

IMPACTS S270E-75R Shot Blaster (10-inch)

  • For Blasting Projects 1,400 SF/hr. (140m2/hr)
  • Ideal for medium-sized horizontal surfaces
  • The only “forward walking” 10-inch shot blaster on the market that can also be used as an “edger”
  • Self-propelled
  • Recommended dust collector: PM3003GP

IMPACTS S320E Shot Blaster (12-inch)

  • For Blasting Projects 2,150 SF/hr. (Up to 200 m2/hr.)
  • Ideal for large projects
  • Self-propelled
  • Recommended dust collector: IMPACTS Dustcom 3324

IMPACTS S320RD Ride-on Shot Blaster

  • 12.6 inch (320mm) width
  • 28HP, propane-powered
  • Dustcom 3324 comes on-board – no need to attach hoses!
  • Contains a centrifugal clutch to engage the blast wheel control
  • Hydraulic pump allows machine to travel forward and reverse, and to raise and lower riding height

When it comes to surface preparation machines, Substrate Technology has all you need. Everything from small jobs to large projects can be done with our variety of surface preparation equipment machines, including:

Using the right machine makes every surface prep job easier, safer, and more effective. We want you and your crew to have the perfect surface preparation machine for every job. 

Dust Collectors

Dust removal improves safety, cleanliness, and quality. Power tools, especially in surface prep, create lots of dust from surface grinding and polishing. Whatever the project, a smart contractor plans their dust collection to prolong the life of their tools and protect their workers. We offer several dust collectors suitable for any sized project.

Floor Grinding Machines

A floor grinder can stop you from having to replace a floor. You can level uneven surfaces, smooth over cracks, remove unwanted coatings and create a polishing effect. All these possibilities mean you can repair most issues with a surface. Floor grinding machines are versatile and efficient. 

If you are working on a small area, an electric floor grinder works well. The need for a power outlet means the range of movement can be limited. For indoor use, there is little need for ventilation when using. 

Propane powered floor grinders make quick work of larger areas. You just need to keep the tank filled up. Be aware of the need for ventilation though, as the fumes can be harmful. You will also need noise protection.


Scarifiers are like floor grinders but are for more heavy-duty tasks. They will quickly remove the top layer of a concrete surface with their cutting wheels. This means you can lay a new surface down quickly. If the concrete is very uneven, it is best to use a scarifier. They can also be used to add a non-slip texture to walkways, meaning less chance of accidents. Facilities showing traffic lines can use a scarifier to remove these as well.

Shot Blasters

The process with a shot blaster is how it sounds. They fire steel pellets into the surface. The relentless pressure of this chips away imperfections and will give the surface the desired effect. No matter the size of the job, there are models available. These range from small handheld models up to ride-on shot blasters for vast areas. 

Swing Machines

Some people call these Rotary Floor Machines. They can help restore the shine to any dull surface. They have powerful motors and a variety of pad options. If you attach the right pads, they will be much more effective than brushing and mopping. They can remove embedded dirt and buff away an assortment of scratches and other surface damage. 


A lot of debris will build up in surface preparation jobs. Use a vacuum specifically designed for concrete. This way you can remove it without jamming the machine. Concrete dust contains silica, which can cause fatal lung diseases. Sweeping will create more dust than it removes, so it is not the best option. Our concrete vacuums are designed with durability in mind. After all, we use them on construction sites and industrial environments. Our durable machines can suck up the worst and keep coming back for more.

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