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Tooling Holders

Tooling Holders
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EG Resin Insert

  • Extra support secures tool to velcro head to prevent scratches in the floor surface
  • Grooved side fits into 3-inch “EG Metal Adapter – Velcro Attachment”

EG Adapter Plate – Quick Change

  • Attaches to STI Edge Plates and STI Tool Plates for after-market assembly
  • EG Diamonds easily slide in and out of slots for quick change of tooling
  • Designed for use with the EG “quick change” diamonds and adapters

STI Tool Plate

  • Holds all STI tooling & diamonds
  • Gives the flattest possible floor finish
  • Standard tool plate for 2420 or 4430 models
  • Can also be used as a standard tool plate for 2807 or 3030 models

Morflex Coupler

  • Provides flexibility for the tools to follow the contour of the floor
  • Attaches to STI Edge Plate and STI gearbox
  • Good replacement part to have on hand for less downtime (see PM Repair Kit for spare parts)
  • Available in various sizes and flexibilities

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