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Tooling Holders for Concrete Grinders

Tooling Holders for Concrete Grinders
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EG Resin Insert

  • Extra support secures tool to velcro head to prevent scratches in the floor surface
  • Grooved side fits into 3-inch “EG Metal Adapter – Velcro Attachment”

EG Adapter Plate – Quick Change

  • Attaches to STI Edge Plates and STI Tool Plates for after-market assembly
  • EG Diamonds easily slide in and out of slots for quick change of tooling
  • Designed for use with the EG “quick change” diamonds and adapters

STI Tool Plate

  • Holds all STI tooling & diamonds
  • Gives the flattest possible floor finish
  • Standard tool plate for 2420 or 4430 models
  • Can also be used as a standard tool plate for 2807 or 3030 models

Morflex Coupler

  • Provides flexibility for the tools to follow the contour of the floor
  • Attaches to STI Edge Plate and STI gearbox
  • Good replacement part to have on hand for less downtime (see PM Repair Kit for spare parts)
  • Available in various sizes and flexibilities

When you’re performing a multi-step surface preparation project or you’re mechanically polishing concrete, the last thing you want to do is spend more time changing out tooling and pads. Most projects require a minimum of two different change-outs, not including changing out the edge plates. To help you save time and get the job done faster, we have several different tooling holders that are designed to work with our Prep/Master floor grinders. 

Tooling Holders and Adapter Plates

Our selection includes the following: 

  • Edge plates that allow you to get closer to walls and corners. Our plates cut within ½ inch from the edge. 
  • Adapter plates connect to your Substrate Technology Inc. edge and tool plates for easy changes for diamonds and adapters. 
  • Velcro attachments are designed for quick changes and come with a durable metal casing. 
  • Resin inserts keep the metal tooling holders from digging into the slab in the event that the tool disconnects or wears down. 
  • Couplers add flexibility so your tooling will follow the contours of an uneven floor. 

All of our tooling holders and adapters are designed to work with Prep/Master floor grinders to elevate the finish you get, save time, and ensure the flawless, professional finish you’re working towards. 

Order Your Tooling Holders Today

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