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Wet-Dry Concrete Polishing – CLC System

CLC Diamonds are designed exclusively for wet-dry concrete polishing. Get a high gloss, showroom finish in just seven steps!

Long life span provides you with great value

Substrate Technology Inc. diamonds have a proven longer lifetime! Buying “cheap” knock-off brands just to save money definitely does not equal “savings.”

  • STI diamonds are only made of high quality materials
  • Guaranteed for long life & fast results
  • Faster results mean a significant reduction in time and labor
  • Reduced time and labor equal HUGE savings!!
  • CLC Diamond System

All Substrate Technology Inc. diamond systems are designed for easy step-by-step application.

  • Color-coded for diamond system identification: RED
  • Numbered in sequential order (you never get confused by what grit comes next!)
  • Just follow the process from CLC#1 to CLC#7 and you will get the same results every time. It’s that easy!

Substrate Technology Inc. systems create a true mechanical polish for all flooring surfaces.

  • Absolutely NO need for a guard to add that “pop” to the final floor
  • Unlike coatings that wear off, the CLC shine lasts for years
  • Much less maintenance is needed to maintain the beauty of the floor

Time Lapse Video at Aramsco-Richmond VA – New office location!!

Featuring the CLC Diamond Polishing system.

Time Lapse Video: CLC Diamond System & STI Grout System Fills Pin Holes in Concrete Floor

Watch a time-lapse video using the CLC Diamond System to thoroughly grind and polish a concrete floor and the Substrate Technology Inc. Grout System to fill the pinholes.

What Our Customers Think of the CLC Diamond System

“When I first learned to polish, I was taught to wet grind metal bonds dry and use the STI 50 and 100 Terrazzo Pads to transition; followed by the FL-07 series dry. This works great and I still have customers using this system.

However, for new guys getting into it, I’ve had great success suggesting STI’s CLC Polishing System, as it simplifies the process and removes the guesswork, while still allowing for traditional technique.”

~ Mike Nelson, Prairie Supply, Inc.

“What we were pleased to find is that the diamonds worked exactly as advertised. We did not have issues with scratch marks between steps ”“ productivity and diamond life were spot on. I will use the system again because of its predictable results and faster turnaround time (with excellent results).”

~ Darcy Manchak, Concrete Resources Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada