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E/Z Clean – Terrazzo & Marble Floor Cleaner

  • Neutral, non-detergent cleaner for use on terrazzo and marble floors
  • Enhances color and luster with regular use
  • 2 oz. per gallon of water for most applications
  • 1 gallon of E/Z Clean = 64 gallons of cleaner solution

Stone and Concrete Cleaners for Sale

You know how important it is to maintain your concrete and stone flooring and how much it costs to restore and repair a dull, damaged slab, which is why you need to extend the life of your natural stone and concrete and keep it in excellent condition using the proper concrete cleaners.

At Substrate Technology, we understand the importance of maintaining your natural stone, terrazzo, and concrete surfaces. Dirt, debris, and dust can lead to scrapes and scratches that will dull a polished surface if not properly removed. However, you can’t use an all-purpose cleaner from the grocery store to clean natural stone without damaging the polish or dulling the luster of the surface, which is why we take pride in offering high-quality stone and concrete cleaners you can rely on to help maintain and clean your surfaces.

Why Choose Our Stone and Concrete Cleaners

Concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone are sturdy and durable, ideal for indoor and outdoor use in commercial and residential buildings. However, natural stone and concrete are porous and can stain or collect residue without proper care while using improper cleaning solutions can dull the surface or even leave unsightly stains.

Our stone cleaners, including our Granite Floor Cleaner and Terrazzo & Marble Floor Cleaner are designed for porous stone and concrete and offer the following qualities to improve your maintenance:

  • Used on interior and exterior natural stone surfaces
  • Enhances color and restores shine
  • Neutral, detergent-free solutions won’t build up and dull your surfaces.
  • Repel oil and stains and break down heavy build up.
  • Neutral solutions are better for the environment and safer to use when instructions are followed.

Order Your Concrete Cleaners Today

Substrate Technology offers high-quality granite, stone, and concrete cleaners to make maintenance a snap. To order your concrete cleaners or learn more about choosing the right cleaner, please call us at  +1 (815) 941-4800 or complete our contact form.