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Airtec AG

Your Surface Prep Specialist

For milling, scarifying, roughening, grinding, removing, and blasting - using solid, state-of-the-art technology and design that go into every machine and diamond cutting tool. As well as air-operated tools, AIRTEC manufactures a versatile range of electric, and gas-powered scarifying machines. Milling machines such as the RT-320 are also a part of that line of products. As the demand increases globally, Airtec exports machines and tools to over 40 countries worldwide.

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Airtec Euro-Sprint ES-200 8-inch Scarifier

Airtec Euro-Sprint ES-200 8-inch Scarifier

  • Scabbling of concrete, asphalt, traffic lines, level differences, rubber deposits, plastic coatings, and dirt crusts
  • Light and handy 8-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for small areas, garages, or residential buildings
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

Airtec Roto-Tiger RT-2500 10-inch Scarifier

  • Strong, solid welded steel construction designed for heavy use
  • Heavy-duty 10-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for mid-size or larger projects
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

Airtec Roto-Mat RM-320 13-inch Surfacer

  • Powerful, efficient roughening and cleaning machine for large-area tasks
  • Heavy-duty 13-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for mid-size or larger projects
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

Shop Airtec AG Scarifiers 

When you need to cut through asphalt, create a textured surface on concrete, or smooth out dangerous transitions of broken or buckled concrete, a scarifier is the machine for the task. Because of the aggressive nature of these machines, the equipment has to be durable and powerful, which is why we recommend Airtec AG scarifiers and are proud to carry them in our online marketplace. 

Airtec AG ”“ A Family Owned Global Leader

Airtec was founded by the Wyser family outside Basil, Switzerland. In just two generations, they have elevated expectations in modern day concrete surface preparation, designing high-level concrete cotter composites, introducing tools and technology for concrete shaving, and developing a full line of scarifiers. In keeping with the standard set for Swiss technology and manufacturing, their products are designed to maintain consistent performance even after years of heavy use to improve production and outlast other brands.  

Using a Scarifier

A concrete scarifier is equipped with powerful, tungsten carbide cutting wheels that continually chip away at a surface, usually concrete or asphalt. While shot blasters can dig into the concrete surface, a scarifier can go significantly deeper into the concrete to achieve a heavier surface profile. They are most often used for: 

  • Adding grooves or texture to outdoor areas or walkways in order to better prevent falls and slips.
  • Removing traffic lines from parking lots, rubber deposits, dirt crusts, and plastic coatings.
  • Renovating flat roofs, patios, and even ship decks and bridges
  • Leveling concrete surfaces.
  • Milling and planing asphalt to prepare for a fresh layer.

Airtec AG scarifiers go above and beyond expectations to help make these tasks easier, quicker, and provide better results. 

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