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Planetary Polishing – PLP System

The PLP Diamond System – made specifically for planetary machines – creates a high gloss finish for concrete floors.

Long life span provides you with great value

Substrate Technology Inc. diamonds have a proven longer lifetime! Buying “cheap” knock-off brands just to save money definitely does not equal “savings.”

  • STI diamonds are only made of high quality materials
  • Guaranteed for long life & fast results
  • Faster results mean a significant reduction in time and labor
  • Reduced time and labor equal HUGE savings!!
  • PLP Diamond System

All Substrate Technology Inc. diamond systems are designed for easy step-by-step application.

  • Color-coded for diamond system identification: YELLOW
  • Numbered in sequential order (you never get confused by what grit comes next!)
  • Just follow the process from PLP#1 to PLP#9 and you will get the same results every time. It’s that easy!

Substrate Technology Inc. systems create a true mechanical polish for all flooring surfaces.

  • Absolutely NO need for a guard to add that “pop” to the final floor
  • Unlike coatings that wear off, the PLP shine lasts for years
  • Much less maintenance is needed to maintain the beauty of the floor

PLP Diamond System Plus the Substrate Technology Inc. Grout System Fills Pin Holes in Concrete Floor!

Watch a demo using the PLP Diamond System to thoroughly grind and polish a concrete floor and the Substrate Technology Inc. Grout System to fill the pinholes.

Real-life Case Studies – PLP Diamond System

PLP Diamond System Gets Great Results at Michigan Grocery Store