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EG Grout Pans – Fills Pinholes in Terrazzo & Concrete Floors


EG Grout Pans – Fills up to 95% of Pinholes in Terrazzo and Concrete Floors

The mechanical rotary action of the Prep/Master® pushes the epoxy & marble powder mixture into the holes from multiple directions to push air out and put epoxy filler in!

EG Grout Pans fills in pinholes more thoroughly than the conventional way of hand troweling and buffing – up to 95% more! Can be used for terrazzo and concrete floors to increase shine and long-lasting durability.

  • Velcro-backed for easy tool change
  • Lasts over 10,000 SF (1,000 M2) if following recommendations of running at low speeds
  • Run at very low speeds to save lifetime of the pans and prevent burn marks in floor: 15Hz (electric) or 2100 RPM (propane)

Available in two grades:

  • Regular #640900035
  • Extra Hard #640900009: solid steel core and hardened for long life
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