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Planetary Tooling

Planetary Tooling
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PLP Diamond System – Planetary Polishing – Dry Process

  • For dry planetary polishing
  • Coordinated metal and resin bonded diamond system (steps #1-#9)
  • 3-inch diameter
  • Performs concrete polishing using any planetary machine sized 770mm-950mm, 15-24HP, & weighing between 800 and 1,000 pounds
  • Color: yellow

STI Terrazzo-M Pads – Terrazzo Polishing

  • Same great performance as STI’s famous “Terrazzos” pads
  • Same price of the cheaper “knock-off” brand, but has STI quality!
  • Use as first cut or scratch remover

Planetary Tooling for Sale

When you have a planetary concrete grinder, you need to make sure your tooling is compatible with the equipment and still high quality. At Substrate Technology Inc., we have the planetary tooling you need to grind, smooth, and polish your marble, stone, and concrete surfaces.

What Is Planetary Tooling?

Planetary tooling is designed to work with planetary grinders. These are concrete grinders whose discs move in a pattern similar to how planets move. There’s a central main disc that acts as the central point (the “sun), and several small discs branch from the main disc, rotating around it and also turning on their own axis (like how planets move). The small discs hold the tooling and are doing the work to grind and polish while the main disc doesn’t contact the floor.

Choosing Planetary Tooling

We currently carry two types of planetary tooling for sale:

  • PLP Diamond System – a 9-step tooling system of metal and resin bonded tooling designed to be used dry in order to take a concrete slab from heavy grinding to ultra-fine polishing.
  • Substrate Technology Inc. Terrazzo M Pads – Designed only for wet grinding and polishing terrazzo, these pads range from 50 to 400 grit to help you make first cuts or to act as a scratch remover without fine polishing.

Order Your Planetary Tooling Today

Substrate Technology offers a wide selection of planetary tooling. To order your planetary tooling please call  +1 (815) 941-4800 or complete our contact form.