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The Prep/Master

Low Maintenance & Made to Last!

Substrate Technology Inc. designs and manufactures high-quality grinders/polishers that are made to last a lifetime. Prep/Master® gearboxes are made of cast aluminum and contain no belts or pulleys that break down in the middle of the night. It’s a total gear-to-gear system.

Available in a range of sizes, there will always be a perfect P/M machine for any project size or need. Every P/M is designed with 20 years of research and development to give you the very best the industry can offer. P/M machines can do everything from prep to polish!

A Little History

At Substrate Technology Inc., we are proud to offer products that deliver “real world” solutions for our customers. We are able to do this for a few reasons – like hard work, combined experience of over 100 years of contracting, and ISO certified suppliers – but mostly we are able to do it because of our founder Bill Jones.

Substrate Technology Inc. was founded in 1995 by William “Bill” Jones after 30 years of floor covering and floor prep experience. As a contractor, Bill realized he was helpless for products that could deliver results productively AND reliably. Sure there were “systems” on the market but each had their shortcomings and all required some improvising by the end user of the products.

Through numerous trials and subsequent failures, Bill put together a system of machinery and diamond tools that can be relied upon to deliver the fastest and most predictable results.

There is of course much more to the story of Bill’s genius and what has brought Substrate Technology Inc. into its 23rd year of business. The point is Bill already made most of the mistakes common to our industry and then created systems to prevent these mistakes.

So, why does all this matter to you the customer? Substrate Technology Inc. products are turn-key, cutting-edge systems ready to deliver you a solution that is profitable and predictable. It’s that simple.