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Baier Giant 120 Mobile Mixing Station

  • Power: 1,800 W
  • Torque: 172 Nm
  • Mixing capacity: 6 bags @ 50-55lb of mix plus water
  • Mixing duration: 7 mn (depending on material)
  • Bucket capacity: 31.5 gallons

The Mixers by Substrate Technology are lightweight and easy to move around due to their inflatable tires. The powerful 2-gear high-speed mixer offers superb durability thanks to its die-cast aluminum and powder-coated, case-hardened gearbox parts.

Mixing Stations For Sale

A good mixing station can make things easier for everyone involved in a concrete, paint, or plastering project. The mixer creates a consistent mix for concrete, paint, plaster, or any other job site mix. This eases potential issues with temperature, moisture, and consistency of the mixture. The result is a boost in production efficiency, standardization and quality control. 

What are the advantages of a portable mixing station for concrete?

A portable mixing station is a great choice for concrete work because it allows you to control the entire process. You can add water and other ingredients at the right ratios, control the speed of your concrete pump, and get accurate measurements of the final product.

These devices are easily portable and ideal for smaller projects. They can be used with a variety of different materials, so you can also mix epoxy or grout, for example.

A stationary mixer is a more advanced option that’s great for large-scale projects. While the process is very similar, a stationary mixer is typically more powerful and can pump larger quantities of concrete at a time.

How to choose the right Mixing Station

Every mixed material is unique, and it’s important to mix them properly in order to get the strength and consistency that you need. A professional mixing station is one way to make sure that everything is being mixed correctly. 

Mixing stations are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you should be able to find one to fit the needs of your construction project. Here are some things to consider:

  • Plan for the bucket size you will use for your pours and layouts.
  • Using a mobile mixing station is a big bonus if you have a large job site.
  • Jobs with more than one media, such as a concrete floor sealed with epoxy, need a mixer that is easy to clean and works with different materials.

Plan ahead, think through your project, and you are sure to get the right mixing station.

Why choose an Industrial Mixer 

Industrial concrete mixers can handle much larger batches than residential mixers. The larger hopper allows for much more material to be mixed at one time, which means fewer trips back and forth. This can save a lot of time and energy.

Most importantly, an industrial mixer is designed to mix in a variety of conditions, including those that would be far too dangerous for a residential mixer. Industrial mixers have very high-torque motors, designed to be able to mix concrete when it’s extremely wet, or other similarly viscous mixtures.

Baier Giant 120 Mobile Mixing Station

The German company Baier, which specializes in the design of tools, is well-known for the innovation, durability, and excellent design of its tooling. 

This mobile mixing station is not an exception to the company’s commitment to excellence. Your staff will be able to quickly, easily, and safely prepare concrete and other materials with the assistance of this well-designed mixing machine, which also ensures that the ingredients are properly mixed and are ready for use.


  • This mixing station is very economical as it requires only one person to mix, carry and pour big volumes.
  • This mixer is mounted and easy to handle while maintaining safety. You don’t have to worry that your crew members could hurt themselves wrestling a heavy mixer around the job site.
  • Durability is ensured using die-cast aluminum parts that are powder-coated and case-hardened gearbox components.
  • The mixer has a powerful two-gear motor for getting through the toughest mixes with ease.
  • With the efficient dust suction system, you won’t have to buy additional tools, or worry that your space would be filled with a fine dust that is hard to get rid of. 
  • You get numerous machines for the price of just one because it can mix screed, plaster, cement, paint, and more. 
  • With a unique-shaped bucket that is designed specifically for optimal mixing outcomes‌, every mix will come out just right and be easy to pour.
  • With wheels for effortless movement, you can do multiple sites with one batch.
  • The detachable mixing container allows for simple cleanup.

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