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Prime Grind 2 – Terrazzo & Marble Floor Sealer

  • Use on Terrazzo and Marble floors
  • The second of two hardening agents used to ensure a long-lasting surface gloss
  • Used also as primary maintenance product in automatic equipment or stand alone product for swing machines
  • Available in three-sized containers

Stone and Concrete Sealers for Sale

Stone, terrazzo, and concrete are durable, low-maintenance surfaces that are ideal for the high traffic of commercial, industrial, and municipal spaces. However, when left unsealed, these materials can stain, build up residue, and even develop unsightly scratches and scuff marks. Using a high-quality concrete floor sealer protects both the interior and exterior of the slab, extending its lifespan and preserving the shine and attractive appearance of your stone or concrete flooring.

Using Stone and Concrete Floor Sealers

Our floor sealers are designed to impregnate the slab, seeping into the pores of the slab or stone as well as the grout to harden the material and protect it against the damaging effects of water and oil as well as reduce scratches and scuffs from traffic.  Our sealers can be applied after mechanical grinding and polishing as initial protection, and they can also be used as a primary method of maintenance with automatic floor machines to keep your floors shining and attractive.

Our floor sealers offer the following benefits:

  • Designed for terrazzo, marble, stone, and concrete surfaces
  • Extend the life of your floors
  • Prevent oil and water stains
  • Reduce scratches and scuff marks that can grow into cracks
  • Harden your floors to improve the luster of the surface
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides large coverage areas on polished surfaces

Contact Us to Order Concrete Floor Sealers

Substrate Technology works with the leading manufacturers to connect you with high-quality products to improve your surface preparation and maintenance tasks. To protect and extend the life of your terrazzo, stone, or concrete floors, reach out to our team to order your sealers today. To learn more about our selection or make a purchase, please call  +1 (815) 941-4800 or complete our contact form.