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Substrate Technology Inc. Videos

Surface Applications

Concrete Prep


#00 Prep Tool – How to Attach to the Tool Plate


#00 & #0 Prep Tools – Understanding the Difference Between Them


STI Bush Hammer Surface Prep Tool Demo

Concrete Polishing


CLC Diamond System & Slurry Slayer – Do Not Be Afraid to Cut Wet!


CLC Diamond System – Wet Concrete Polishing Time Lapse at Aramsco-Richmond


CLC Diamond #7 Pad – Time Lapse


CLC Diamond System & P/M Jr. on Concrete


EGT Diamond System on 60-yr-old Concrete


EGT Diamond System – Using the Grout Pans on Concrete


PLP Diamond System & Grout Pan System – Concrete Patches Experiment with Densifier


The CASH Pads System – for Concrete, Terrazzo, or Marble


The CASH Dots System – for Concrete


The SPIN-1 Pads System – for Concrete


Stencil – How to Apply and Dye a Concrete Stencil


Stencil, Dye, & Polish – Super Speed Time Lapse



TPS Diamond System – Explanation of How Grout Pans Work (on Terrazzo)



Marble Lippage First Cut & Restoration

P/M Machines & Key Features

P/M Grinding Machines


Prep/Master Jr. Grinding Machine – Main Features


STI-2807 & STI-2818LP Prep/Master Grinding Machines


STI-2420 & STI-2418LP Prep/Master Grinding Machines


STI-3030 & STI-3038LP Prep/Master Grinding Machines

P/M Features


Nine Common Characteristics of P/M Grinding Machines


P/M Rotary Gear Box & Gear-to-Gear System


P/M Gear & Tool Plate animation

P/M Operation and Maintenance

Safe Operation – Electric


Describing the “Safety Off Position” on the P/M Machine


Adjusting the Variable Speed Drive and How to Determine Safe Speeds


What is the STI Dust Collection System?


How to use the Dead Man Key Operation

Safe Operation – Propane


Proper Starting of the P/M Propane Machine


Proper Maintenance of the P/M Propane Machine


Maintenance Procedure for Propane-powered Machines

Safe Operation – Dust Collectors


How to Properly Use the STI Dust Collection System


How to Replace a Longopac Dust Bag

General Procedures


At What Level do I Fill the STI Gearbox Oil?


PM Jr. – How to Disassemble and Reassemble


Removing the Tool Plate & Coupler Assembly from the P/M Machine


Attaching the Tool Plate & Coupler Assembly to the P/M Machine


Proper Use of the EG Adapter (Which side of the adapter do you attach to the tool plate?)


Leveling the STI-2807 Grinding Head


STI Edge Plates Demonstration


Removal of Slurry using Slurry Slayerâ„¢


Adapting an Electrical Plug to a Single Phase


How to Perform an S-Curve Motion on the P/M Machine

P/M Repairs and Troubleshooting



Changing the Seals on the P/M Machine


How to Replace the Shaft in the STI Gearbox


Replacing the EG Adapter on the STI Tool Plate


Repair Kits and Maintenance Kits


Programming a Repaired or Inoperable MC1000 Drive


Programming the SMV Drive



Troubleshooting the Electrical System


VSD Fan Failure (How to determine when the fan has failed)


Assessing When a Coupler is Functional or Non-Functional

IMPACTS Americas Shot Blasters

IMPACTS Shot Blasters


IMPACTS S125E Hand-held Shot Blaster


IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster


IMPACTS S210E-40R Shot Blaster


IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster


IMPACTS S320RD Ride-on Shot Blaster


IMPACTS S600E Shot Blaster

General Procedures


How to Install IMPACTS Reduction Liners


How to Use IMPACTS Reduction Liners


How to Prime a Shot Blaster


How to Identify Worn Liners & Blast Wheels


Replacing the Liners in the IMPACTS S210E / S210E-40R Shot Blaster


IMPACTS S210E Blast Wheel Change Procedure


IMPACTS S210E-40R Blast Wheel Change Procedure


IMPACTS S320E Blast Wheel Change Procedure


How to Replace a Shot Blaster Cable