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Substrate Technology: Surface Preparation Tooling

Substrate Technology: Surface Preparation Tooling
STI's tooling line includes products that effectively remove coatings and level uneven surfaces. We have tooling for several types of applications such as surface prep, concrete polishing, terrazzo polishing, marble polishing, floor maintenance, and much more! Substrate Technology in conjunction with our partners IMPACTS Americas, Airtec, Makinex, and Von Arx can competently equip the floor prep and polishing industry with an affordable, diverse selection of high quality machines, diamond systems, tooling, and accessories.
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STI Terrazzos – Terrazzo Polishing Pads

  • For wet polishing epoxy and portland-based terrazzo and stone
  • Used as first cut tool on new, unsealed concrete
  • Use as closing step & first step of restoration
  • Specialized matrix for aggressive cut with fine scratch pattern
  • Cloth tab makes it extremely easy to remove the tool from the velcro holder

STI Terrazzo Plus – Terrazzo Polishing Pads

  • Updated version of the old style “STI Terrazzos”
  • 70% more diamond and abrasives than the standard STI Terrazzos – 37 grams extra to be exact!
  • Unique “Marking Interlayer” – changes the color of the slurry as pad is being consumed and lets operator know that pad needs to be changed
  • Cloth Tab – makes it extremely easy to remove the tool from the velcro holder

STI Terrazzo-M Pads – Terrazzo Polishing

  • Same great performance as STI’s famous “Terrazzos” pads
  • Same price of the cheaper “knock-off” brand, but has STI quality!
  • Use as first cut or scratch remover

EG Grout Pans – Fills Pinholes in Terrazzo & Concrete Floors

  • Mechanically fills up to 95% of pinholes in terrazzo and concrete floors
  • Creates a better shine and longer lasting durability
  • Lasts over 10,000 SF (1,000 M2) if following recommendations of running at lower speeds
  • Available in two grades: regular and extra hard

SPIN-1 Concrete Polishing Pads

  • Exceptionally great for maintaining polished concrete
  • Diamond-impregnanted natural hair pad – for more aggressive polishing and maintenance
  • Pad life is in excess of 20,000 SF (2,000 M2)
  • Can be run wet or dry
  • For use on concrete floors only!

EG Prep Tools for Removal

  • Fast cutting metal bond tools used to remove epoxy, adhesive, & thin-set
  • Great price-variety of styles and grits
  • Not recommended when polishing is provided
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • EG “Quick Change” attachment

FL-07 Diamond Pads – Concrete Polishing

  • 5-step concrete polishing process
  • 3-inch, resin-bond diamonds
  • Specially formulated for concrete – ground with metal bond diamonds for the absolute best finish
  • Fantastic life of 10,000 SF (1,000 M2)
  • Works on Prep/Master®, Planetary Machines, Terrco® Machines, EDCO®, Swing Machines, and Werkmaster®

FL-07 Ring-Type Diamond Pads – Concrete Polishing

  • 5-step ring-type concrete polishing process
  • Specially formulated for concrete – ground with metal bond diamonds for the absolute best finish
  • Dry use only
  • Works on hand grinders
  • Available in various diameters: 4.75-in., 5-in., & 5.75-in.

When it comes to grinder tooling for concrete floors, Substrate Technology has you covered. Achieve professional results on concrete and other surfaces with our range of machinery. You can create a smooth finish using the right tools for grinding and polishing. 

7-inch Grinder Tooling

When smoothing concrete surfaces, you will need the right tools to polish and grind them. A different tool will be required for different materials. You may need a tool to remove a sticky coating or to polish a surface. We have a range to suit different jobs.

Concrete Tooling

Choosing the right tool for concrete depends on the end result you are looking for. Each job is different—is there coating to be removed? How hard or soft is the surface? You need to choose the tools that are most compatible with what you are trying to achieve.

Diamond Systems

Diamond Systems use a combination of resin and metal. They are used for polishing concrete or terrazzo slabs to a high standard. They can all be used with floor grinders for any project of this kind.

There are several different Diamond System products you can choose from. They all have velcro-backed pads so are easy to change. 

Marble Tooling

Marble is a more sensitive material than concrete. This means that you need the right items to work with this kind of surface. Using the wrong kind of accessories can mean a marble surface is ruined. Always check the manufacturer guidelines on these products to ensure they are compatible with the job.

  • The MG2 Diamond System works best for multi-step mechanical polishing. It can be used for heavy grinding or finer work. It works well on a variety of surfaces.
  • If you only need to do light polishing on a surface then CASH pads are best. They can be used with swing machines and auto-scrubbers to provide a great finish.

Planetary Tooling

Planetary tooling works with planetary grinders. The discs have a similar orbital motion to planets. This is where the name comes from. Several smaller discs move around the central disc (like the sun). The main disc will not have contact with the floor. The smaller discs will grind and polish.

We have a PLP Diamond System for concrete surfaces and M pads for grinding terrazzo. Planetary tooling is popular with our customers.

Surface Preparation Tooling

We have a large collection of surface preparation tooling for any construction job. You will find more detail about the range of machinery elsewhere, but we have specialist tools for concrete, marble, and terrazzo surfaces. There are also more specialized tooling, such as:

Terrazzo Tooling

Terrazzo is known for being an attractive surface that needs little maintenance. It can often be seen in retail complexes, hospitals, and colleges. This kind of surface does need regular buffing in order to maintain its appearance. It is mandatory that you use the right tools for this job.

You can easily crack a terrazzo surface if you use the wrong tools. The first step is to search our products and find the right one for your desired outcome:

  • CASH pads will help you ‌remove ground-in dirt so you can polish terrazzo slabs completely.
  • Terrazzo polishing pads have many varieties. They can be for rougher or smoother surfaces but will always leave a fine finish.
  • EG grout pans are used to push grout into holes. This will make the surface more durable and shiny.
  • The MG2 Diamond System is used in a mono-rotational machine. It is for wet grinding and polishing.
  • The TPS Diamond System is a seven-step polishing system. It will allow you to achieve an impressive shine on terrazzo flooring.

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