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Shot Blaster Accessories

Shot Blaster Accessories
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STI Cord Cart

  • Keep your cords and hoses out the dust and slurry while you grind or polish.
  • Available in two sizes for 3-inch or 6-inch hose dimensions

Magnetic Sweeper – 25-in.

  • Picks up metal objects off the flooring surface quickly and easily
  • Drop debris in one spot with a quick pull of the release handle
  • No bending over!
  • Width of sweeper: 25 inches

Vacuum Wand & Floor Tool

  • Sturdy metal materials
  • Vacuum Wand: 48-in. long, 2-in. diameter, single bend, chrome body
  • Floor Tool with rollers: 18-inch width
  • Gap between floor tool and floor surface is adjustable
  • Brushes and squeegees are replaceable
  • Items purchased separately (must purchase both parts to get full wand package)
  • Various adapters and reducers for 2″ and 3″ hoses (sold separately)

Vacuum Hoses – Various Sizes

  • For use with dust collectors and wands
  • Available in 2-, 3-, 5-, and 6-inch diameters
  • 2- & 3-in. hoses sold in 25-ft increments
  • 5- & 6-in. hoses sold in 50-ft lengths only

Longopac Dust Collection Bags

  • Replacement / backup package of four liners
  • For Prep/Master®Â HEPA dust collectors or similar brands
  • 72-foot long continuous liner
  • 5.5 mil thickness
  • Makes up to 25-30 bags

Shot blasters are an essential machine for surface preparation as they are used to remove rust, residue, sealants, and paint from concrete, metal, and other surfaces. However, cleaning up after shot blasting an area can be a long, exhausting process as dust, chipped concrete, and leftover shot are scattered about the jobsite. Our selection of shot blaster accessories and parts are designed to improve the performance you get from your shot blaster while speeding up your clean up. 

Cleaning Accessories for Shot Blasters

As you are using a shot blaster, it’s important to connect the right dust collector to the machine. Shot is pitched down at high centrifugal force, and then as concrete chips and shot bounce back, it’s picked up by the dust collector while the shot is sorted back into the hopper to be reused. Our vacuum hoses and dust collection bags offer the high-quality reliability you need to avoid messy leaks and spills from your dust collector that can set your workday back by hours while our cord cart keeps your hose from dragging in the dust and making a bigger mess.  

With our shot blaster magnets, you can quickly and easily pick up left over shot and other metal objects. Our 25-inch magnetic sweeper is ideal for large areas, allowing you to cover hundreds or thousands of square feet without having to bend. Simply walk the sweeper over the space and the powerful magnet will pick up the shot, then you can drop it into your trash receptacle by simply pulling the release. Using our handheld magnet, you can easily pick up three pounds of metal bits and debris from corners, difficult to reach spaces and small areas. 

Shot Blaster Reduction Liners

Designed specifically for IMPACTS shot blasters, our reduction liners reduce the blast width of your shot blaster in two-inch, four-inch, and six-inch increments. By reducing your blasting width, you can quickly remove old line stripes and concentrate your efforts on specific spaces. Plus, reducing the width increases the amount of shot coming out of the blaster, making your project quicker and more effective. 

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