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Concrete Vacuums for Sale

Concrete Vacuums for Sale
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Wet-Dry Vacuum – Liquid & Dust Removal

  • Removes liquid and slurry or dust from floor quickly and easily
  • 2 HP (1.5kW) 2-stage heavy duty bypass motor
  • 20-gallon model (17 gal. Wet / 1 Bushel Dry)
  • An automatic liquid shut-off prevents motor flooding with foam or solution
  • Comes standard with adjustable front-mount squeegee and dry application accessories

Concrete Vacuums for Sale

We understand that cleaning up after a surface preparation project can be time-consuming and exhausting. To help you get the job done right and remain OSHA compliant, shop our selection of concrete vacuums. Our powerful vacuums are designed specifically for job sites so you can save time removing concrete slurry after wet grinding as well as fine dust and debris.

Why Choose a Concrete Vacuum

If you’re debating between saving money by purchasing a wet-dry vacuum at a hardware store or choosing a vacuum that is specifically designed to remove the debris of concrete grinding, cutting, and polishing, consider why a concrete vacuum is worth the investment.

OSHA Compliance and Safety

When you are dry grinding and polishing, concrete dust is going to be a by-product of the task. While concrete dust is difficult to clean up as it settles on every surface and into crevices and corners, it’s also a health hazard. Containing silica that can damage the lungs and lead to silicosis, a debilitating and sometimes fatal respiratory disease, OSHA recommends using powerful vacuums to quickly remove the dust from your worksite rather than dry sweeping that kicks up more dust than it removes.

Powerful Performance

A wet-dry vacuum that is made for small messes and projects at home is not going to be powerful enough to clean up heavy concrete slurry or concrete debris. Our collection of concrete vacuums are equipped with powerful motors that allow you to quickly pick up the wet slurry, debris, and dust without clogging or jamming the vacuum.

Long Lifespan

Using equipment designed specifically for concrete cleanup ensures a longer lifespan whereas using a home shop vac means it will wear out quickly and require replacement after just a few jobs. Our concrete vacuums are designed to be durable and long-lasting, so you can rely on them over countless projects and tasks.

Contact Us for Concrete Vacuums

To find the right concrete vacuum for your company or get a price quote on equipment, reach out to the experienced team at Substrate Technology, Inc. Call us at  +1 (815) 941-4800 or fill out our contact form to get started.