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Shot Blasters

Shot Blasters
IMPACTS Americas shot blasters range from small-scale project machines up to high-yield shot blasters for larger concrete and steel blasting applications. We also sell aftermarket consumable parts for IMPACTS and other machines at very competitive prices and of comparable if not higher quality.
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IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster (8-inch)

  • For Blasting Projects 430 SF/hr (40m2/hr)
  • 110V, manual speed
  • Ideal for smaller residential or business areas
  • Adjustable handle
  • Recommended dust collector: PM3003AR

IMPACTS S210E-40R Shot Blaster (8-inch)

  • For Blasting Projects 861 SF/hr (80m2/hr)
  • Ideal for smaller residential or business areas
  • 220V, Self-propelled
  • Adjustable handle
  • Recommended dust collector: PM3003AR

IMPACTS S270E-75R Shot Blaster (10-inch)

  • For Blasting Projects 1,400 SF/hr. (140m2/hr)
  • Ideal for medium-sized horizontal surfaces
  • The only “forward walking” 10-inch shot blaster on the market that can also be used as an “edger”
  • Self-propelled
  • Recommended dust collector: PM3003GP

IMPACTS S320E Shot Blaster (12-inch)

  • For Blasting Projects 2,150 SF/hr. (Up to 200 m2/hr.)
  • Ideal for large projects
  • Self-propelled
  • Recommended dust collector: IMPACTS Dustcom 3324

IMPACTS S320RD Ride-on Shot Blaster

  • 12.6 inch (320mm) width
  • 28HP, propane-powered
  • Dustcom 3324 comes on-board – no need to attach hoses!
  • Contains a centrifugal clutch to engage the blast wheel control
  • Hydraulic pump allows machine to travel forward and reverse, and to raise and lower riding height

Shot Blasters for Sale

When you need to increase a surface area, clean embedded dirt and grease, or remove an existing coating from concrete, our shot blasters for sale offer the durability and power you need to save time and get the results you need.

How Shot Blasters Work

A shot blaster is used to chip away at a surface, whether it’s to remove paint or epoxy, add a rough profile, or prepare a concrete surface for an application of coating. To do this, our shot blasters have an internal mechanism of a wheel equipped with paddles. The steel pellets, called shot, is poured into the housing and is then propelled down using the centrifugal force of the paddles. The force and speed of the shot connect a hard blow to the surface, and when this happens multiple times a second, the shot chips away at the surface to meet your goals.

While shot blasters can be used for a wide variety of surface preparation tasks, they aren’t recommended to remove thick, rubber coatings.

IMPACTS Shot Blasters

We are proud to carry IMPACTS America shot blasters as they offer a wide variety of blasters to help you tackle any project. Just as importantly, each blaster has the power necessary to reduce your surface preparation time and the durability to be a reliable, long-lasting part of your equipment inventory.

We carry several shot blasters designed for numerous projects, including:

  • Handheld blasters designed for small spaces and vertical surfaces;
  • Self-propelled shot blasters with a wide surface area to speed up work but are compact enough to maneuver in a small warehouse or garage.
  • Ride-on shot blasters with powerful motors designed to tackle the largest projects, including warehouses and airplane hangars.

Contact Us to Buy Your IMPACTS America Shot Blaster

Whether you need a handheld blaster or a large ride-on shot blaster, we can help you find the right equipment to for your projects. To learn more about our selection or to get a free quote, reach out to an experienced member of our team at  +1 (815) 941-4800 or by filling out our contact form.