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Our partner company, Airtec AG, has developed a product line of special scarifiers, profilers, and scrapers for dust-free, environmentally-friendly, and economical surface preparation. Their goal is to always provide the customer with the best solution with the best product.
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Airtec Euro-Sprint ES-200 8-inch Scarifier

Airtec Euro-Sprint ES-200 8-inch Scarifier

  • Scabbling of concrete, asphalt, traffic lines, level differences, rubber deposits, plastic coatings, and dirt crusts
  • Light and handy 8-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for small areas, garages, or residential buildings
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

Airtec Roto-Tiger RT-2500 10-inch Scarifier

  • Strong, solid welded steel construction designed for heavy use
  • Heavy-duty 10-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for mid-size or larger projects
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

Airtec Roto-Mat RM-320 13-inch Surfacer

  • Powerful, efficient roughening and cleaning machine for large-area tasks
  • Heavy-duty 13-inch electric scarifier
  • Perfect for mid-size or larger projects
  • Various cutters are available for needed profiles

Asphalt and Concrete Scarifiers for Sale

When you have to remove a layer of asphalt, concrete, or cement, or you need to create a heavy concrete surface profile, our Airtec scarifiers will provide the results you’re looking for. Also called milling machines or surface planers, these machines can grind or shave the top layer of concrete or asphalt using heavy cutting wheels to clear away the existing surface.

Why Choose a Concrete Scarifier

Scarifiers are equipped with powerful motors and tungsten carbide or steel cutting wheels to rapidly chip away at a concrete or asphalt surface or to “chew” heavy mastic or rubber coatings. While floor grinders remove the very thin layer of concrete to leave a smooth area and shot blasters leave a moderately textured surface, there’s more control over the cutting depth of a scarifier and a much rougher surface profile.

Scarifiers are often used to prepare a concrete or asphalt surface that is severely damaged as these machines quickly cut up the top layer in order to remove the damage. Once complete, a fresh layer of concrete or asphalt can be laid down. Other uses for a concrete scarifier include:

  • Adding a non-slip texture to sidewalks and walkways to minimize the risk of injury;
  • Removing heavy coatings from concrete;
  • Shaving or milling a layer of old asphalt;
  • Removing parking or traffic lines;
  • Leveling a damaged concrete surface;

Why Choose Airtec Scarifiers

We carry Airtec scarifiers as these Swiss-made machines offer the precision, power, and durability our clients look for. Whether you need a lightweight scarifier to scabble concrete sidewalks and small areas or a larger machine to tackle large areas of infrastructure, an Airtec scarifier has the performance you’re looking for.

Contact Us to Purchase Your Concrete Scarifier

When you need to resurface a parking area or driveway, or you have to remove or apply a thick coating to a concrete surface, a scarifier is often the right machine for the job. To learn more about our selection or to get our best price, reach out to us today at  +1 (815) 941-4800 or fill out the contact form below to get started.