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Floor Maintenance

PM2 System

The PM2 System by Substrate Technology Inc. is an effective maintenance polishing system for concrete, terrazzo, and marble flooring which utilizes existing equipment, such as burnishers, scrubbers, and swing machines.

The PM2 Diamond Polishing System is a two-step approach to maintenance:

  1. Polish the floor using the CASH #3 “diamond-impregnated,” natural hair pad to refine the surface back to its original finish
  2. Apply the PG2 hardening agent to make the floor harder and more resistant to abrasion.

The result is a much harder floor that will resist abrasion and maintain a longer-lasting shine. Incorporate the PM2 System into your floor’s regular maintenance schedule today!

CASH #3 Pad

The CASH #3 Pad is a natural fiber pad that has been coated with a diamond and resin mixture. This tool is used to perform maintenance of a polished surface that has lost its shine due to age and traffic. The CASH #3 pad is used to treat approximately 30,000 SF / 2,787 M2 per set of tools on the appropriate flooring surfaces. The CASH #3 pad is available in an assortment of sizes ranging from 7″ to 21″ in diameter.

PG2 Concentrate

PG2 concentrate is a liquid formula that will harden and polish existing polished floors. The hardening elements contained in PG2 will keep the surface of the polished floor abrasion-resistant and assist in slip-resistant properties of the floor. It should never be used in concentrate form (refer to TDS for dilution instructions). The PG2 is used to treat approximately 15,000 SF / 1,394 M2 per gallon.

Real-life Case Studies Showing Super Results from the PM2 System

  1. HEB Mexican Grocery Store uses PM2 System instead of Harsh Chemicals for Maintenance