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Surface Preparation Chemicals for Sale

Surface Preparation Chemicals for Sale
Substrate Technology Inc. offers a diverse selection of sealers, cleaners, and polishing compounds for all types of floor substrates. For your stenciled projects, purchase colorful DiaTech stains to really make your logos and designs pop off the floor, and get Slurry Slayer solidifier for effectively and safely disposing of your concrete slurry.
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E/Z Clean – Terrazzo & Marble Floor Cleaner

  • Neutral, non-detergent cleaner for use on terrazzo and marble floors
  • Enhances color and luster with regular use
  • 2 oz. per gallon of water for most applications
  • 1 gallon of E/Z Clean = 64 gallons of cleaner solution

Prime Grind 2 – Terrazzo & Marble Floor Sealer

  • Use on Terrazzo and Marble floors
  • The second of two hardening agents used to ensure a long-lasting surface gloss
  • Used also as primary maintenance product in automatic equipment or stand alone product for swing machines
  • Available in three-sized containers

Whether you need to remove concrete slurry or lay down a decorative coating, Substrate Technology, Inc. has a large variety of surface preparation chemicals available to help save you time, reduce your work output, and still get the excellent results your clients deserve.

Stone and Granite Cleaners

Cleaning stone, granite, or terrazzo requires special chemicals to prevent damage while enhancing the natural beauty and luster of the material. We have both terrazzo and marble floor cleaners as well as granite cleaners that are detergent-free and gentle while producing a beautiful result.

Polishing Compounds

When terrazzo, stone, or marble is looking a bit dull or surface scratches are marring the appearance of the floor, we have gentle polishing pastes and polishing compounds that are easy to use and highly effective at restoring the look of your stone surfaces.


Our floor sealers seep into the stone or concrete slab and grout to harden the material and prevent oil and water stains from ruining the look of your surfaces. Apply them after a mechanical polish for protection or use it during routine maintenance in conjunction with a floor machine to minimize scratches and scuffs and extend the life of your floors.

Slurry Solidifier

Wet grinding concrete keeps dangerous dust to a minimum, but the slurry left behind is a time-consuming hassle to clean up and dispose of. However, our Slurry Solidifier is a highly absorbent polymer that allows you to clean up concrete slurry in a fraction of the time and makes it acceptable for any landfill to dispose of.

Stains & Dyes

Want to transform the look of your stone or concrete slab? We have a wide selection of durable, long-lasting stains and dyes that can be used for a single-color slab or use several colors for a beautifully patterned floor.

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At Substrate Technology, Inc., we have everything you need for professional concrete, stone, and terrazzo surface preparation. To get a free quote on the equipment and materials you need or to learn more about our selection, please call  +1 (815) 941-4800 or complete our contact form.