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Slurry Solidifier

Slurry Solidifier
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Slurry Solidifier for Sale

Wet grinding concrete ensures you’re minimizing dust while getting the smooth surface you need, but the clean-up is a challenge. You’re left with a heavy, wet concrete slurry that is difficult to dispose of because you can’t simply pour it down a drain. The recommended method of cleaning and removing slurry requires a wet vacuum to collect it, but then emptying it into a container or a pit to dry it out so it can be taken to a landfill.

That time-consuming method can be eliminated with our concrete slurry solidifier. Developed by a concrete contractor who wanted to improve slurry removal, he created a way to transform the liquid concrete mess into a solid, easy to clean up powder safely and almost instantly.

Using Slurry Solidifier

Mady by Slurry Slayer, this solidifier is a polymer that soaks up the liquid immediately, leaving a solid material that is non-hazardous so it can be accepted by landfills. The easiest way to use a concrete slurry solidifier is to use a wet vacuum to clean up the surface, then add one pound of the polymer per ten pounds of the slurry to create an easily disposable powder. It rapidly absorbs, minimizing clean-up time, and can also be used to clean up other water-based compounds, including stone slurry, mud, or latex paint.

Using Slurry Slayer saves time, minimizes labor, and reduces the likelihood of hazardous slurry seeping into groundwater or damaging water pipes, making it a worthwhile investment for your company.

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If you would like to improve how you clean up after grinding or polishing concrete and minimize labor, we can help. Reach out to a member of our team to order our concrete slurry solidified by calling us at  +1 (815) 941-4800 or completing our contact form.