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Master Surface Preparation with a Shot Blaster and Dust Collector

Surface preparation uses a shot blaster and a dust collector as part of a surface preparation method to remove dirt and debris from a material’s surface. You can use these tools and methods to take care of common problems:

  • Loose coatings that need to be replaced completely
  • Prepare a hard or glossy surface to ensure tightly adhered coatings
  • Loose rust, random staining, and surface contaminants
  • Correcting high and low spots to create a consistent surface profile

A properly cleaned surface is ready for the step in its life. It can be coated, worked, or simply left as is.

Why is Surface Preparation So Crucial?

Surface preparation is necessary as part of any resurfacing process. Without the step of preparation, new coatings could fail to adhere correctly. Other foreign matter, organic solvents, oil, grease, stains, and any other contaminants should be removed or they may weaken the new coating.

Existing coatings should be removed so new paint can stick to the surface. Chemical cleaning may not be enough to create the bond needed for successful application of a new treatment.

The main benefits of proper surface prep are:

  • Removal of any foreign debris that could weaken new coatings
  • Creation of a new and improved surface profile for the floor
  • Prepares a surface with the right texture for using adhesives and a new coating

There are many methods of surface preparation and the best process depends on the substrate. However, there are tools available to make the process fast and efficient.

Which Tools are Available to Make the Job Easier?

The best way to remove coatings and prepare a hard surface is to use a shot blaster. This is an abrasive technique that will quickly clean, profile, and prepare a surface for other processes such as sealing, painting, or adding a new floor.

After the power tool cleaning, fine dust will be present. Vacuum cleaning is rarely enough to get the best results. Instead, the best way to capture dust is to use a dust extractor or dust collector. These will pick up the dust and leave the surface fully ready for the next step.

Use the IMPACTS S210E-40R Shot Blaster for Small to Medium Jobs

The IMPACTS S210E-40R is a very powerful, but compact and lightweight self-propelled shot blast machine. The combination of the powerful wheel motor with an optimized separation system and the variable speed drive motor makes the machine very efficient.

The S210E-40R is perfect for small and medium projects because of its great features:

  • Working width: 8 in. (210mm)
  • Uses the durable IMPACTS “Side-Force” Liner System with wear-resistance manganese metal
  • Self-propelled unit with an adjustable handle for improved ergonomics

Make Quick Work of Dust Collection with the Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collectors

The Prep/Master® 3003AR is a particularly strong filtering unit with fully automatic cleaning of the filter cartridges. Three turbines, each generating 1,000 Watts of drive power, provide the basis for the 3003AR’s exceptional performance. Suitable for small to mid-sized machines.

This is a perfect unit to pair with the shot blaster. While you might want bigger machines for large jobs, these two are highly portable pieces of equipment. They work great as regular shop machines or portable small and medium job site tools.

Which Surfaces are Best for Blast Cleaning?

Metal and concrete are the two most common floors in industrial settings. Shot blasting works great on concrete. For metal floors, a grinder may be a better choice. Newer facilities also use epoxy floor coatings. These are super durable but can be difficult to replace.

Shot blasting is ideal for preparing concrete for new coatings of epoxy or paint. It will quickly remove the old coating using abrasives. The surface will be profiled and ready for the new coating in very little time.

Where to Get the Best Shot Blaster and Dust Collectors

Substrate Technologies is your source for the best shot blast cleaning machines, dust collection systems, and more. Visit our website for more information about the IMPACTS S210E-40R Shot Blaster and the Prep/Master 3003AR. While you’re there, you can see our other products, such as grinders, scarifiers, vacuums, and the chemicals you’ll need to make your next job go smoothly. Call us at  +1 (815) 941-4800 for more information, or fill out our contact form to get started.