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In order to get the best results when using a shot blaster with a dust collector, we’re walking you through exactly how to operate both machines in our step-by-step guide. To see the process in action, be sure to watch our video featuring the IMPACTS S320E shot blaster and the IMPACTS DC3324 dust collector.

Using the IMPACTS DC3324 Dust Collector

To start your IMPACTS DC3324 dust collector, follow these steps:

  • Plug the dust collector into a 230V or 480V outlet
  • Turn the large dial on the back of the control panel to the ON position to supply power to the control panel.
  • Test the rotation of the dedusting and exhaust motors. First, switch the dedusting on and ensure the fan and motor on the top of the machine are turning in the direction the arrows are pointing. For the exhaust, hit the switch while looking under the machine or through the exhaust hose to see how the motor is turning.
  • If the motors are turning in the wrong direction, open the control panel and turn the knob from the 1 to the 2 positions or vice versa. If they are turning properly, you can move on turning on the exhaust, then the dedusting switches.

Operating the IMPACTS S320 Shot Blaster

To operate the IMPACTS S320 Shot Blaster, make sure it’s plugged into the vacuum and became familiar with the operating components.

  • Control On powers the control panel and front drive wheel
  • The switch in the center of the control panel turns on the blast motor
  • The red button on the control panel is an emergency stop
  • The shot lever on the right of the control panel controls the blast
  • On the handle, pull the lever up to engage the drive wheel. On the handle, you’ll also see the forward/reverse switch and the speed dial.

Once you’re familiar with these, it’s time to begin operating the shot blaster.

  • Pull out the emergency stop
  • Turn on the control panel
  • Double check the blast wheel rotation to ensure the fan is turning in the direction of the arrow on the wheel.
  • Place the pin in the drive wheel by opening p the front drive wheel and placing the pin into the space.
  • Fill the hopper with shot to the screen and replace the cover.
  • Turn the blast wheel on then turn on the dust collector.
  • Find the speed that is comfortable for you, then pull the lever to begin blasting the concrete.

Order Your Dust Collector and Shot Blaster Today

The IMPACTS S320 shot blaster and IMPACTS DC3324 dust collector are the perfect match for cleaning and profiling concrete, especially in medium to large spaces. To order yours or get a free quote, reach out to us today at  +1 (815) 941-4800 or fill out our contact form to get started.