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Large cracks, breaks, or buckled areas of concrete can be a trip hazard, leading to serious injury and possibly making you liable in a personal injury or premises liability lawsuit. Fortunately, repairing and smoothing these hazards is less time-consuming and difficult than you may think. Learn how to smooth a trip hazard in concrete and prepare it for chemical repair following our step-by-step guide or check out the video below to see our concrete experts in action.

Using a Concrete Scarifier for Severe Concrete Breaks

For seriously buckled or broken concrete, a concrete scarifier is the fastest and most effective way to bring the concrete slab closer to even. A scarifier, or surface planer, is equipped with heavy cutting wheels and powerful motors that allow it to rapidly and aggressively chip away at concrete or asphalt. It’s most commonly used to remove heavy rubber coatings from concrete and milling away layers of old or damaged asphalt. However, it can also create a rough surface profile or remove multiple layers of concrete. By using this machine over the higher portion of the slab, it will rapidly remove several layers of concrete, reducing the height difference between the two sides of the crack or break. While several passes will be needed, you’ll see the results you want in just a few minutes for most concrete breaks.

Using a Concrete Grinder to Smooth Concrete Breaks

For minor cracks and breaks, or after using a scarifier to remove the bulk of the height difference where concrete has broken or buckled, we used a concrete grinder to ensure the two sides of the break are level. Again, several passes are necessary, but this method will eliminate the height difference and create a smooth, level surface. Once this is complete, you can then use a chemical repair to mend the break or crack in the concrete and eliminate the risk of tripping and injury on your property.

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