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What is a shot blaster and when is it a good choice for surface preparation?

A shot blaster is a machine that controls the flow or stream of fine metal beads as they are forcibly projected against a surface by mechanical acceleration. Shot blasting is the process of removing thin surface deposits by broadcasting fine metal beads at a high pressure without causing significant damage to the surface.

Common applications for shot blasting are:

  • to prepare a concrete floor for further treatment
  • to completely remove residual coatings (less than 1/16”)
  • to clean or strip rust from metal surfaces
  • to eliminate dirt, greases, and oils
  • to remove or prepare surfaces for paint line striping
  • to etch stencils or floor graphics

Is a shot blaster a good choice for surface prep?

It depends.

A shot blaster will generally produce a CSP (concrete surface profile) of a “3.” In all cases, it is emphasized that the coating manufacturer’s recommendation for surface prep be followed. If a shot blaster is recommended, then that is what should be used.

The profile is unique to this machine type and mandated by the coating’s manufacturer so a thorough bond will occur and warranty granted. In general, a shot blaster is not suited for thick coatings or adhesive removals, but is excellent to profile broom-finished or hard-troweled concrete.

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