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How to Use a Dust Collector System with a Floor Grinder

Grinding a concrete floor creates thick, heavy concrete dust. Not only is this incredibly messy and difficult to clean, but airborne concrete dust is also a safety hazard. We are sharing how to connect a dust collector to your Prep/Master floor grinder to get the best results. To see our tips in action, be sure to watch the video below.

Why Use a Dust Collector for Concrete Cleanup

Concrete contains silica, and when concrete grinding occurs, the silica dust goes airborne. Breathing this dust in can lead to silicosis, a debilitating, and sometimes fatal, respiratory disease. Because of this, OSHA requires steps to minimize concrete dust, with the two most common options being wet grinding or using a concrete dust collector with a powerful filtration system.

While wet grinding keeps the dust down, the resulting slurry is difficult and time-consuming to clean. It’s also not the best method for all finishes such as fine polishing. Instead, a dust collector connects directly to the machine, suctioning up nearly 100 percent of dust and particulate as it’s being created and before it goes airborne. The result is a cleaner, healthier job site that is safer for your crew.

How to Attach a Dust Collector to a Prep/Master Floor Grinder

If you’re using a Prep/Master 3030 Floor Grinding Machine or Prep/Master 3038LP Floor Grinding Machine, follow these steps to attach the corresponding dust collector. We recommend the Prep/Master 3003 GP for best results.

  • Make sure all machines are unplugged and in the OFF position.
  • Place the floor grinder in an upright position with the grinding heads on the floor.
  • Loosen the shroud nut to adjust the steel shroud around the bottom of the grinder, then lift it around 3/8″ or 9mm from the floor.
  • Double check the top dust band for rips or tears and attach the bottom dust band.
  • Lower the shroud and tighten nut back into place.
  • Attach a 3″ hose to the dust port and connect the other end into the dust collector.

By following these steps, you can safely grind concrete floors without the dangers of airborne silica dust. The bands contain the dust under the machine so that any dust created is immediately being picked up by the hose and moved into the collector where it can safely be removed.

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