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Master Surface Preparation with a Shot Blaster and Dust Collector

Master Surface Preparation with a Shot Blaster and Dust Collector Surface preparation uses a shot blaster and a dust collector as part of a surface preparation method to remove dirt and debris from a material’s surface. You can use these tools and methods to take care of common problems: Loose coatings that need to be […]

How to Prepare an Edge for a Coating in a Garage

Before laying down a urethane or epoxy coating in a garage, you may need to create edges for the garage door or other entrances. Otherwise, if you don’t have an edge, the coating may show on the exterior when the doors are down. While this may not seem serious, you want a clean line for […]

Removing Adhesive From Concrete Slabs

The key to successfully applying a new floor covering, whether it’s epoxy, mastic, or even carpet, is properly preparing the surface. In fact, poor surface preparation is the leading cause of failed floor coverings, and often, the culprit is old adhesive from a previous floor covering. Bits of glue from old wood floors, strips of […]

Polishing Concrete in Small Spaces with the CLC Diamond System

Whether you are polishing a concrete floor in a residential space or a small commercial environment, your goal is to get a long-lasting, attractive finish that will hold up to daily traffic and use. To do this, we recommend pairing our best-selling Prep/Master Jr. Floor Grinder with the CLC Diamond System so you have a […]

Our Concrete Grinding and Polishing Systems

When you want to achieve a high-gloss shine on polished concrete, our concrete grinding systems are designed to help you meet your goals. With machines and diamonds that were crafted to work together, you have a full strategy set up to ensure you get a long lasting, mechanical polish. Check out the video below to […]

How to Apply a Grout Coat When Polishing Concrete

When you have a project to polish concrete, you want it to maintain its beauty and shine for as long as possible. In order to do this, grouting the concrete in between polishing pads is a necessary step. Learn the steps to using grout pans to fill in voids and micropits or watch the video […]