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Whether you are polishing a concrete floor in a residential space or a small commercial environment, your goal is to get a long-lasting, attractive finish that will hold up to daily traffic and use. To do this, we recommend pairing our best-selling Prep/Master Jr. Floor Grinder with the CLC Diamond System so you have a coordinated strategy to smooth and polish the slab efficiently while getting flawless results. To see how they work together, check out the video or read more about them below.

About the Prep/Master Jr. Floor Grinder

The Prep/Master Jr. Floor Grinding Machine is ideal for surface preparation, grinding, and polishing in small spaces under 1,000 square feet or hard-to-reach areas where you need a compact machine. Even though it’s small, making it easy to transport, store, and operate in small areas, you still get a powerful performance. With a 7.5 HP motor, it offers the power you need while the smooth operation of the Substrate Technology rotary gear system and heavy head pressure from the pocket weights optimize performance while minimizing operator fatigue.

Using the CLC Diamond System

The CLC Diamond System is compatible with the Prep/Master Jr. Floor Grinder as well as larger Prep/Master machines and provides you with a seamless, seven-step method to achieve a long-lasting mechanical polish. Each tool is numbered in order to correspond with the proper step in the system.

  • CLC #1 is a 70-grit metal bond tool for dry grinding to clean and smooth out the concrete slab.
  • CLC #2 is a 70-grit metal bond tool for wet grinding only.
  • CLC #3 is a resin-bonded 100/200-grit tool used for wet grinding.
  • CLC #4 is a resin-bonded 200/400-grit tool used for wet grinding.
  • CLC #5 is a resin bonded 800-grit tool that is run dry.
  • CLC #6 is a resin-bonded 1800-grit tool used for dry grinding.
  • CLC #7 is a resin-bonded 3500-grit tool to bring the slab to a highly polished sheen.

When you’re running the machine dry, whether it’s during step 1 or the final three polishing steps, make sure you connect the Prep/Master Jr. to the Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collector to keep the job site safe and make cleanup a snap.

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