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The Prep/Master Jr. Floor Grinding Machine is perfect for smaller applications such as garage floors, basements, and compact commercial areas, but what makes it such a popular model compared to competing compact floor grinders? Check out the video below that provides a close-up look at the machine in action and learn more about its unique features below.

Discover the Prep/Master Jr. Floor Grinder

Designed to help you get professional results while improving productivity for small products, the Prep/Master Jr. floor grinder is one of our best-selling surface preparation machines.

Power and Performance

While this is a compact floor grinder, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the power you need to get a smooth, beautifully polished concrete floor. This machine has a 7.5 HP electric motor and includes two 30 pound pocket weights that go towards the front sides of the grinder. This puts more pressure on the head to improve how it grinds and polishes while a smoothly operating rotary gear system provides easy operation.

Convenience Features

From the control panel to the bottom of the machine, it’s equipped with a variety of convenience features to improve both your results and your experience during operation. At the control panel at the top, there is a variable speed control to increase and reduce speed, an emergency stop button for safety, as well as the standard on/off button. There is also a phone holder and a USB charging port at the control panel so you can keep your phone close by and allow it to charge while you work.

A 10-gallon water tank and adjustable valve control improve the wet-grinding experience. However, if you prefer to dry grind your concrete or are polishing the slab, there is a cord minder designed to fit a two-inch dust collector hose to keep it off the ground and prevent wear and damage. A magnetic LED light can be moved around the machine to illuminate the front, sides, or back of the cutting path to help improve your experience.


When the project is complete, it’s easy to disassemble. Make sure it’s turned off and unplugged, then give it a minute or so to power down completely. The presence of tilt-back stoppers allow you to remove or change tooling easily without having to rest the frame of the machine on the ground.

While the Prep/Master Jr. is a compact machine, it does weigh 390 pounds, not including the pocket weights. To make transportation easier for two, or more likely, three people, there are carrying poles that can be screwed in towards the bottom, allowing two people to each take a pole while someone else carries from the handle.

The handle flips forward to reduce space, and we find this compact machine fits conveniently in the back of a large SUV or pickup truck.

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