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Concrete Tooling

Concrete Tooling
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SPIN-1 Concrete Polishing Pads

  • Exceptionally great for maintaining polished concrete
  • Diamond-impregnanted natural hair pad – for more aggressive polishing and maintenance
  • Pad life is in excess of 20,000 SF (2,000 M2)
  • Can be run wet or dry
  • For use on concrete floors only!

EG Prep Tools for Removal

  • Fast cutting metal bond tools used to remove epoxy, adhesive, & thin-set
  • Great price-variety of styles and grits
  • Not recommended when polishing is provided
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • EG “Quick Change” attachment

FL-07 Diamond Pads – Concrete Polishing

  • 5-step concrete polishing process
  • 3-inch, resin-bond diamonds
  • Specially formulated for concrete – ground with metal bond diamonds for the absolute best finish
  • Fantastic life of 10,000 SF (1,000 M2)
  • Works on Prep/Master®, Planetary Machines, Terrco® Machines, EDCO®, Swing Machines, and Werkmaster®

FL-07 Ring-Type Diamond Pads – Concrete Polishing

  • 5-step ring-type concrete polishing process
  • Specially formulated for concrete – ground with metal bond diamonds for the absolute best finish
  • Dry use only
  • Works on hand grinders
  • Available in various diameters: 4.75-in., 5-in., & 5.75-in.

The right grinding technique and using high-quality equipment are essential to getting the professional results you need, but so is having proper concrete tooling for your floor grinder. Whether you need to remove thick epoxy coatings, smooth a rough slab, or bring your concrete floor to a beautiful sheen through mechanical polishing, we have the tooling you need to do the job right.

Choosing the Right Concrete Tooling

When it comes to finding the right concrete tooling, there are several factors to keep in mind: 

  • What is the goal of your project? Do you need to remove a thick coating, create a rough surface profile to lay down new epoxy, or do you plan on a mechanical polish of the floor? 
  • Do you use water to wet grind your concrete slab or do you dry grind and use a dust collector? 
  • How hard or soft is the slab you are working on? We recommend using hard-bond tooling for softer slabs to avoid wearing the concrete away too quickly while a soft bond will wear away more easily on a hard slab and keep your diamonds from glazing over. 

At Substrate Technology, Inc., we have several types of concrete tooling available for all types of projects, including:

  • Bush hammer attachments to break up concrete and create a rough surface profile and non-slip surfaces.
  • Complete diamond systems of coordinated concrete tooling ranging from rough grit to ultra-fine grit to help you mechanically polish a concrete slab.
  • Individual concrete tooling in a range of grits and bonds to work with both hard and soft slabs and get the results you need.
  • CASH pads for light polishing maintenance and to scrub away dirt, dust, and resin swirls.
  • Cutting tooling to quickly eliminate mastic and thick coatings and create heavy scratch patterns on unopened concrete prior to laying down a coating.
  • Grout pans to fill in pinholes and small voids to prevent damage or premature wear on the concrete slab.

Order Your Concrete Tooling Today

We have a wide variety of concrete tooling available to work with our line of Prep/Master floor grinders. To learn more about our selection, find the right option for your next project, or order your tooling, call us today at   +1 (815) 941-4800 or complete our contact form.