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Should I densify a floor before I dye it?

If the floor scratches below a 6, then yes, always!

Dyed concrete exhibits color by having the dye near the surface of the concrete floor. If the dye is above the surface of the concrete then the dye will wash/wear away from cleaning and regular use. If the dye is too deep, the dye will be permanently embedded but so far into the concrete surface that it will be unseen.

In the case of existing concrete that scratches at a six or less, a densifier coat before the dye is perfectly fine to not only strengthen the concrete surface but also create a hardened layer below the traffic surface to be processed.

The densified level will act as a cushion or barrier that resides sub-surface but still leaves enough space for the dye to penetrate and bond.

As for questions about the dye application, when it is appropriate to install, and other methods for a successful dye project execution, always refer to and follow manufacturer instructions.

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