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Should a grout be installed on every polished concrete floor?

The short answer is… no.

Grout is used to fill in small pits and porosity of the concrete slab’s surface. Holes and crazing less than 2mm are perfect to be filled by the grouting material, but any holes or cracks larger than this should be treated with patching materials suited to that application.

Concrete slabs that have a good density and consolidation of the fine aggregates will have very little porosity or crazing and therefore would be redundant if a contractor were to apply a grout.

Make Side-by-Side Mock-ups to Know for Sure

The only way to know for sure if a slab will benefit from a grout coat will be to install a grout coat sample during mock-up phase and a sample that has no grout. Side-by-side and quantitative analysis (gloss meter) of the final results will tell if the grout coat helped or made no difference at all.

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