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Slurry Slayer – Concrete Slurry Solidifier

Brand: Substrate Technology, Inc.
Weight: 55.00lb
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

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Slurry Slayerâ„¢ – Concrete Slurry Solidifier

”¦is a concrete slurry management program that was developed by an actual contractor who works in the contracting field every day. Slurry Slayerâ„¢ consists of two products – Slurry Slayerâ„¢ Solidifierâ„¢ and Purifierâ„¢ – that can be used individually or together. Developed by contractors for contractors!

  • Turns concrete slurry into a non-hazardous, landfill-accepted solid
  • Contains no fillers to add weight
  • Reacts quicker and with less material when compared to competitor’s products
  • Available sizes: 55 lbs. sack and 1,764 lbs. “Super Sack” (special order)


  • Concrete grinding and polishing
  • Concrete saw cutting and drilling
  • Concrete rinse out areas
  • Stone restoration

Common Slurry Slayer Questions

Q: How much slurry does a 55 lbs. box absorb?
A: 550 gallons

Q: Does it absorb any other wet waste?
A: It only absorbs water-based compounds such as concrete/stone slurry, latex paint, blood, mud, etc.

Q: Any other restrictions?
A: It is polymer-based, so the waste cannot be hotter than 150 degrees or the Slurry Slayer will melt. It also cannot be used in temperatures below freezing.

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