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TC-7 Stand-Up Edger

The most innovative concrete edge grinder on the market, the TC-7 Stand-Up Edger, is designed to give the operator the feel of a handheld grinder while maintaining a comfortable upright position. A rear control lever allows the operator to adjust the grinder pitch, while the front handle allows side-to-side movement for complete control and the ability to feel the contours of the surface being ground. U.S.SAWS designed the TC-7 Edger for grinding and polishing concrete surfaces near walls and other vertical surfaces. It can also be used in open spaces where it is impractical to mobilize a large planetary. Small rooms, offices, garages, kitchens, and bathrooms are examples of where this machine will be more efficient than a large machine. On larger projects with long straight edges, nothing on the market is more efficient than this machine. This floor grinder utilizes 7″ diamond cup wheels or polishing pads to prep or polish. The TC-7 Edger features the U.S.SAWS Generation 2 dust shroud system for a clean, dust-free work environment.


  • Durable, aluminum chassis
  • Powered by Metabo’s W24-230, 15 AMP electric grinder
  • Heavy-duty casters roll over cords and job site debris easily
  • U-shaped frame puts the operator in a comfortable working position
  • Adjustable outrigger wheel for various head pressure
  • Forward control handle features comfortable shock absorbing grip
  • Front, back, and side to side “on the fly” adjustment gives the operator total control
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
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