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If you plan on polishing a concrete slab, the CLC Diamond System provides you with a coordinated strategy that allows you to grind and polish in series of seamless steps so you get long-lasting, durable results and an attractive, smooth sheen. Check out the video below to see the CLC Diamond System in action or keep reading for our how-to guide to using them.

Using the CLC Diamond System

When used in the proper sequence and method, this seven-step system fits all of our Prep/Master floor grinders and creates a highly polished concrete floor.

  • CLC #1 is a 70-grit metal bond tool that is used for dry grinding to clean and smooth the slab.
  • CLC #2 is a 70-grit metal bond tool for wet grinding only.
  • CLC #3 is a resin-bonded 100/200-grit tool used for wet grinding.
  • CLC #4 is a resin-bonded 200/400-grit tool used for wet grinding.
  • CLC #5 is a resin bonded 800-grit tool that is run dry.
  • CLC #6 is a resin-bonded 1800-grit tool used for dry grinding.
  • CLC #7 is a resin-bonded 3500-grit tool to bring the slab to a highly polished sheen.

How to Get a Flawless, Durable Finish

In order to get the professional, long-lasting results you see in the video, you need to invest time to go through the multiple steps. First, you’ll want to clean and smooth the slab with the CLC #1 pad, making sure to attach a dust collector to your grinder. After going over the slab to remove any leftover dust, apply a concrete densifier to the slab. This will react with the concrete to build up the silica structure, making it significantly more dense, and thus, more durable.

After the densifier is applied and activated, run the #2 pad with water and clean the slurry. We will apply 100 percent solids epoxy and marble flour to the floor, then run the floor grinder with grout pans to fill in any voids in the slab. If you skip this step, you run the risk of air bubbles, cracks, and voids growing over time and causing rapid degradation of the slab.

The grout needs to cure for several hours, and once it’s dry, we recommend using CLC #3 with water to remove the excess grout, followed by CLC #4 to smooth the scratch pattern. After the slurry has been thoroughly cleaned, be sure to add a second coat of concrete densifier.

To begin the polishing, run CLC #5, #6, and #7, all dry, so make sure you attach your dust collector to keep your job site clean and safer. If you plan on dyeing the concrete, we recommend applying it between CLC #5 and CLC #6.

Order Your CLC Diamond System Today

To learn if the CLC Diamond System is the best option for your next concrete polishing project or to get a quote on materials and equipment, reach out to our customer service team today. Just contact our team at  +1 (815) 941-4800 or fill out our contact form to get started.