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Is it better to buy a propane or electric grinder?

The convenience of running a propane grinding machine that is cordless does have its benefits as it requires no power from the work site. Assuming the machine is being run wet, it can be very productive having no required tethering to a dust collector.

The downside to a propane machine is that it is louder than an electric machine, has more maintenance requirements, requires good ventilation, and lacks the operative speed range of an electric machine.

The electric grinding machine is exactly the opposite on all points.

For performance, either machine will do a great job of grinding and polishing. For the last five years, we have polished our concrete at World of Concrete using a propane machine and the floor always turns out great!

So, Which Do I Choose?

The best choice of machine will be mostly dependent upon your needs as a contractor. If you are following work that is mostly done outside or commonly on sites that have no power supply, then propane is a great choice.

Other project types such as asbestos abatement and projects where obtaining single phase power is difficult, then propane is also a great choice. On projects where power is plentiful and easy to access, then electrical is a good choice and the machine requires almost no maintenance.

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