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Should I use diamond pads to maintain my polished concrete floor?

Yes, but not everyday.

The use of diamond impregnated/sprayed pads is a terrific way to keep your polished concrete looking good; however, the overuse of the pads can lead to a loss of clarity by gradually eroding the surface and leaving an orange-peel finish.

The best guideline to follow is the one set by the manufacturer of the pads.

Our CASH Pads, as an example, are suggested to be used every 60-90 days along with a chemical conditioner to mechanically and chemically maintain the polish. The process is simple enough to learn and adopt and the cost is only around $.02/SF ($.21/M2).

One word of caution ”“ a diamond pad should NEVER be used to maintain a guard covered floor. For the maintenance of the guard, the manufacturer’s recommendation should always be followed as a diamond pad will remove the guard.

Daily Attention to Maintenance is More Important

More important than the process of diamond pad and chemical maintenance is the daily attention to maintenance. Daily cleaning consists of dry mopping or auto-scrubbing the floor at least once per day or in cases of extreme traffic, continually.

If you’ve ever observed the maintenance going on in your local Big-box retail store, you’ll almost always find an auto-scrubber somewhere on the sales floor. This is done so the polished surface can maintain its shine, keep it from becoming dirty (slip/fall), and ensure that traffic patterns do not develop. All that needs to be used is water with selective use of a neutral cleaner for oily spills.

Use Walk-off Mats at Entries

Besides the cleaning, prevention of dirt and debris entering the space is a big help to keeping the floor looking good. The use of walk-off mats at entries helps to clean the debris from people’s shoes and also the wheels of the shopping carts. The regular cleaning of the mats ensures that they are able to do their job of stopping contamination at the source.

Whichever diamond/chemical system you choose to care for your polished concrete, always consult the contractor that provided the floor. They are the service provider that produced the floor and are able to give the best advice as well as provide you with a warranty.

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