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Surface preparation requires the use of dangerous equipment for several hours per project, making those in proximity at high risk for both acute injury and long-term disability. Fortunately, by following manufacturers’ directions on the equipment and using the proper safety gear, you can cut the risk of serious harm down to almost nothing. To help you know what you need before starting the task, check out our guide to having the proper safety gear during surface preparation. For a more visual guide and examples, check out the video below to get started.

Dressing for Safety Before Surface Prep

Safety starts when you’re getting dressed for work. Make sure you’re wearing the following, whether you’re operating a floor grinder, shot blaster, or other Substrate Technology, Inc. equipment.

  • Long, heavy pants: Jeans or heavier canvas pants are optimal to avoid cuts or other injuries on your legs while operating surface prep equipment. Avoid overly loose or long jeans that could get caught or cause you to trip.
  • Short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt: While short-sleeve t-shirts with a crew or v-neck are generally fine, avoid wearing overly loose or baggy shirts that could get caught on something, including the equipment.
  • Steel-toed work boots: Because you’re working with heavy equipment with moving parts, you need to protect your feet. Make sure you’re wearing proper fitting, construction-grade leather boots with a steel toe. Pair them with thick, comfortable socks to minimize fatigue and prevent discomfort.

Safety Gear at the Jobsite

Once you’re at the job site, make sure you have the following safety accessories to prevent injury or long-term damage to your eyes or ears when operating a Substrate Technology, Inc. machine.

  • Gloves: Protect your hands with heavy gloves made from leather or a synthetic material. This will cushion your hands to prevent blisters and fatigue while operating the machine as well as block any flying particles or debris from cutting your hands. Rubber and latex gloves are not acceptable for use with our surface preparation equipment.
  • Hard hat: Construction sites often have numerous dangers that could cause a head injury, including low-hanging lights, stairs, low doorways, and falling objects. In addition to these, surface preparation can cause bits of flying debris to go up in the air. Wear an approved hard hat at all times on the job site.
  • Hearing protection: Concrete grinders, shot blasters, and scarifiers all operate at high volumes that can cause permanent hearing loss. Wearing earplugs or over-the-ear protection can prevent long-term hearing damage.
  • Protective glasses: Safety glasses should always be worn when a surface preparation machine is being used in your vicinity due to the risk of flying debris. Make sure the glasses cover the eye area as well as wrap around to prevent debris from hitting the side of the eye.

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