SPIN-1 Pads Give Grocery Store New Look – Mexico

Back in 2009, Grupo Delco polished a 75,000 square foot grocery store in Leon, Mexico. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper maintenance 50,000 square feet of it lost its shine.

Although the owners had walk off mats, cleaned up spills promptly, and dry mopped the floor regularly, they neglected to auto scrub the floor and because of this after three years of traffic and abrasion the floor lost its shine.

Gessler and Hector Delgado knew immediately the best remedy for this situation because they were trained on proper maintenance procedures as well as the SPIN-1 system. They also knew that the SPIN-1 system would be the most cost effective method for bringing the floor back to its original state.

The Process Begins

The first thing that the crew did was to auto scrub the floor to remove all dirt and debris that was present on the floor. After this was completed the crew applied their first coat of colloidal silicate densifier per the manufacturers recommendation. Since floors in Mexico are notoriously very soft Gessler and Hector decided that they would apply multiple coats of densifier to sufficiently harden the floor. Gessler and Hector also decided to run the entire system wet to get the best possible performance out of their floor and deliver a better looking product to the owners.

Once the densifier was dry, the crew utilized their 21” Prep/Master® CASH Burnisher with the orange SPIN-1 pad. After the initial cut with the orange SPIN-1 pad the crew once again auto scrubbed the floor to remove the slurry from the surface before they proceeded.

Grupo Delco then applied the second coat of colloidal silicate densifier per the manufacturers recommendation. Once the densifier was dry, the crew proceeded to use the silver SPIN-1 pad. After this cut, the crew could tell this system was going to work because they were already starting to see the luster that had faded over the past three years.

Again, the crew auto scrubbed the floor to ensure that it was free from slurry and ready for another coat of colloidal silicate densifier. After this third and final coat was allowed to dry, the crew moved on to blue SPIN-1 Pad, and the surface really started to pop!

Another round of auto scrubbing and the floor was ready for the red SPIN-1 pad. It was at this stage that the floor looked exactly as it did when the crew left the job back in 2009 when they used the Prep/Master® 4430 and the FL-07 polishing pads.

Going the Extra Mile!

However, to ensure maximum refinement to the floor, Gessler and Hector decided to go the extra step to really show the benefits of the SPIN-1 system. The crew auto scrubbed the floor once more then popped the floor with the black SPIN-1 to remove any trace of leftover slurry or swirl marks. The owners of the grocery store were very impressed with the performance of the system, and very pleased with the work of Grupo Delco.

This is another classic example of what can be achieved with the proper machinery, tooling, training, and teamwork. Also, Grupo Delco stressed the importance of auto scrubbing surfaces as often as possible to the owners of the facility to maintain the shine on a polished floor.