SPIN-1 Makes Debut in Auto Plant – Vietnam

This job was accomplished in the beautiful country of Vietnam and was done by Substrate Technology, Inc’s customer – Asia Mortar Vietnam. The job set a precedent in the region by getting away from the traditional flooring option of choice in the region, which is an acrylic sealer and urethane coating.

The Auto Plant

The job was a new auto manufacturing plant of 300,000 SF (30,000 m2) in Hanoi, Vietnam. The customer wanted a durable floor that was aesthetically pleasing, could hold up to the wear and tear of manufacturing parts for automobiles, and was easy to maintain.

Since bringing large grinders onto the job was not an option due to the cost restrictions, it was decided that the SPIN-1 (or “Eco-Shine” as it is branded by Asia Mortar) was the best fit for all parties involved. Only two Prep/Master® 21″ Burnishers were used to do all 300,000 SF (30,000 m2)!

The contractors with Asia Mortar decided that the best process for providing the quality floor that the customer wanted was to use two different SPIN-1 grits. They used the SPIN-1 Silver Pad and the SPIN-1 Blue Pad.

Normal life expectancy for the SPIN-1 pads is 20,000 SF (2,000 m2) under optimal conditions; however, in the end, the average life expectancy for the silver pads was 6,500 SF (650 m2), and for the blue pads was 8,000 SF (800 m2).

The Process

The process began with cleaning the surface with the burnishers and black stripper pad with water to get as much dirt, dust, and debris off the surface as possible. Once all the debris had been removed from the surface with Wet Vacs, the surface was allowed to dry.

After the surface had dried, Lythic’s colloidal silicate densifier was applied to the surface per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Once the floor was densified and allowed to dry, the real work began.

The workers made their initial cuts with the SPIN-1 Silver pads run wet to get the best life and cut out of the pads. Once the surface was allowed to dry, the workers hit the same area again with the SPIN-1 Blue pads which were again run wet to achieve the best possible scratch pattern and to retain life of the consumables.

For the final step, the operators ran the SPIN-1 Blue pads dry to “buff” the floor. Once this step was completed, it was apparent to everyone that all the goals had been met.

The customer was happy with the end product and the contractor made a name for himself in the region by showing other contractors what could be accomplished when quality machines and products were used.

This polishing project was a testament to the quality, performance, and commitment to excellence that is foundational at Substrate Technology, Inc.