SPIN-1 Project at Carpenter Shop in the Netherlands

Ad Engelen of Flooring Company Engelen (Brabant, Netherlands) had the recent opportunity to install and then polish a 1,500 SF (150 M2) new concrete slab. The project is a new addition for a carpenter shop in Ad’s area and his process was as follows:

  1. Concrete Pour and Laser Screed
  2. Power-trowel to burned finish
  3. Saw Cuts and wet cure for seven days
  4. Wash the floor
  5. Apply Densifier
  6. SPIN-1 Silver Pad
  7. SPIN-1 Black Pad

The results achieved, as shown in the photos, were very good. What is not able to be seen in the pictures though is how easily the floor is transformed from a good, hard-trowelled concrete slab to a high-shine, low maintenance surface.

Testimony Says it All…

Being a new customer of STI, but not new to the industry, Ad had this to say about STI’s products:

“Yesterday I sold my competing machine and in 3 weeks there is a colleague of mine coming to offer for the rest of my stock (other competing machines) until now I’m very satisfied about your machines and tools. The best I used by now! Also we make big profits because we get really good results in a very short time.”
(Omissions/corrections are in italics & bolded and are written at the discretion of STI.)

Thanks, Ad. We could not agree with you more!