FL-07 Pads & PM-2420 at 200,000 SF Garment Factory – Cambodia

When Rockrete Cambodia (RCC) bought a P/M-2420 machine in 2009, they used this machine for many projects throughout Cambodia, and rental services to Bangkok, Thailand.

This was RCC’s very first machine shipped from STI America to Cambodia.

The technical team is very proud to have it and excited to see it on the job sites. After RCC received the 2420, STI has been an active support for training and other technical support. The P/M helps RCC’s local team to get jobs done ”“ not only for final finished product, but surface preparation.

This project began on late 2010 at garment factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in two buildings ”“ about 20,000 square meters. At that time, they used STI FL-series tooling system with resin pads #3, #4, #5, densifer (LionHard), then followed by #6, #7 & LUX.

Because this job was very big, they needed to add three PMB-21 burnishers with CASH Dots using #50, #100, #200, #400, densifier (LionHard), #800, #1500 & #3000. Then they finished with SPIN-1 pad #3 to make it really shine!

Learning from Improper Maintenance

During the application, they had no problems with P/M 2420, but the PMB-21 stopped running, due to improper maintenance. The SPIN-1 pads wore out faster then previous projects they did, because they never washed them until the pads were spent. From the application, they learned that they needed to wash them after every 100 sqm used.

RCC has used the 2420 for removal of epoxy coatings, and grinding to adjust the levels of the concrete with diamond tools. The machine is working very well. In every 15,000 sqm used, they change the gear oil.

Total number of surface preparation projects by the 2420 is about 50 smaller projects and approximately 25 of polishing around 400 sqm.

Last but not least, this P/M 2420 has never given RCC a bad result and no headaches during the application. Not only do our services earn us back the money, but also in rental!