FL-07 Pads Clean Up & Prepare Floor for Mottled Effect – Illinois

This case study comes courtesy of Nick Gawlik at Aramsco-Chicago. Below are his comments and his customer’s feedback about using our STI Diamond Systems. The results of the project speak for themselves!

Nick Gawlik wrote:

The customer saw an epoxy finish they liked and we tried to match as best as possible. When I spoke with Jim Judd from Master Craft after completing the job, the Community College told him that their expectations were blown out of the water and that Master Craft has solidified all polishing work on that campus in all areas that do not require carpet. Jim said our hard work and quality products helped to lock up this great opportunity for him!

Jim Judd, Operations Manager of Master Craft Floors, wrote:

Project Specs:

Area: 450 SF / 137 M2 classroom
Machine: 780mm planetary w/Ruwac Duo Vac

The Process of Creating the Mottled Floor:

  1. STI 25/30 grit hard bond prep tool for glue removal
  2. STI 70 grit 10seg
  3. STI 50 grit terrazzo pad (dry)
  4. STI FL-07 4C
  5. STI FL-08 #5
  6. STI FL-08 #6
  7. Apply Ameripolish brown dye
  8. Remove residue by running over floor with the #6 pad again
  9. Apply Ameripolish green dye
  10. Remove residue with #6 pad again
  11. Densify with Ameripolish 3D Densifier
  12. STI FL-08 #7
  13. STI FL-08 #8
  14. Burnish with 10,000 grit STI Spin-1 X pad to clean the floor
  15. Apply Ameripolish SR2 BurnishӬӬ

The customer found an example of a floor that had green and brown acid stain mottled effect with a clear epoxy top coat. They wanted to get as close as they could with a polished floor. We emulated this by applying Ameripolish Classic Chocolate Brown after the #6, removed the residue, and then applied Ameripolish Classic Green on top of the brown.

We had never applied a dye on top of another color dye before, but we gave it a shot. Clean, Densify, #7-#8, clean, apply Ameripolish SR2, burnish. Customers expectations were met. They were very pleased!

A huge thank you to Nick Gawlik and Jim Judd for sharing this success story!