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How to Smooth a Trip Hazard in Concrete

Large cracks, breaks, or buckled areas of concrete can be a trip hazard, leading to serious injury and possibly making you liable in a personal injury or premises liability lawsuit. Fortunately, repairing and smoothing these hazards is less time-consuming and difficult than you may think. Learn how to smooth a trip hazard in concrete and […]

Operating the IMPACTS 320E Shot Blaster with a Dust Collector

In order to get the best results when using a shot blaster with a dust collector, we’re walking you through exactly how to operate both machines in our step-by-step guide. To see the process in action, be sure to watch our video featuring the IMPACTS S320E shot blaster and the IMPACTS DC3324 dust collector. Using […]

How to Clean Dust Collection Filters

Using a dust collector with a floor grinder or shot blaster is essential to ensuring a cleaner, healthier job site. However, just like emptying the machine after each use, you also need to keep the filters clean. To help you, we’re breaking down exactly how to identify and clean your dust collector filters. If you’d […]