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STI EG Carbide Cutters for Adhesive Removal


STI EG Carbide Cutters for Adhesive Removal

Carbide Cutters attached to a trap style tool with STI EG quick change backing to fit PrepMaster machines. With a PrepMaster rotary style machine, equal number of “right” and “left” rotation tools are needed.

Carpet adhesive can be pretty stingy to remove if it’s thick and somewhat fresh. Diamond segments and sand can be used, but carbide slicers are often the better choice.

Like a blade, the carbide edge pushes the soft glue from the surface of the concrete. A diamond segment wants to drag the glue and partially redeposits it.

Yellow glue is latex-based. That means water will soften it and keep friction heat from clogging the blades and slowing production. Black glue is petroleum-based. Water won’t do anything to soften the glue, but it will keep the glue from getting hot and turning sticky.

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