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Substrate Technology, Inc.

Prep/Master® Grinders, Dust Collectors, and Diamond Systems

STI's motto - "It's a System, Not a Machine" - means that we don't just manufacture machine and diamond products - but instead, we offer a COMPLETE Polishing System with proven results! From prep to polish - for surface prep, polished concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone flooring - STI offers superior machines and diamond systems that work hand-in-hand with each other to give you the best possible finish. Through two decades of product research & development, as well as loads of experience on the job, the P/M line of products was born. Every customer of STI's knows that we only manufacture high quality products that meet our high strict standards. You will only find grinders and diamond systems that are truly the best in the industry and will give your clients the floor they are asking for!

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FL-07 Ring-Type Diamond Pads – Concrete Polishing

  • 5-step ring-type concrete polishing process
  • Specially formulated for concrete – ground with metal bond diamonds for the absolute best finish
  • Dry use only
  • Works on hand grinders
  • Available in various diameters: 4.75-in., 5-in., & 5.75-in.

CASH 7-inch Polishing Dots & Pads

  • For low-speed hand-polishers
  • Great for concrete, terrazzo, and marble floors
  • Creates the same beautiful finish as the CASH dot and pad systems – just in a smaller size!

Wet-Dry Vacuum – Liquid & Dust Removal

  • Removes liquid and slurry or dust from floor quickly and easily
  • 2 HP (1.5kW) 2-stage heavy duty bypass motor
  • 20-gallon model (17 gal. Wet / 1 Bushel Dry)
  • An automatic liquid shut-off prevents motor flooding with foam or solution
  • Comes standard with adjustable front-mount squeegee and dry application accessories

Prime Grind 2 – Terrazzo & Marble Floor Sealer

  • Use on Terrazzo and Marble floors
  • The second of two hardening agents used to ensure a long-lasting surface gloss
  • Used also as primary maintenance product in automatic equipment or stand alone product for swing machines
  • Available in three-sized containers

Substrate Technology Inc. Surface Preparation Equipment for Sale

Based in Morris, Illinois, Substrate Technology Inc. was founded in 1995 by William “Bill” Jones. After spending 30 years as a contractor working in floor covering and preparation, he realized that there were no surface preparation systems that would improve and enhance productivity while offering durability and reliability. Instead, all the “systems” available required additional work by the end user to get the results they wanted.

Inspired by this challenge, Bill created a comprehensive system of floor grinding equipment and diamond tooling that reliably delivers professional, predictable results. From this, the Prep/Master brand of concrete floor grinders and diamond tooling systems were born. For a quarter of a century, contractors, flooring professionals, and concrete professionals have relied on our products knowing they offer unbeatable results and unmatched durability. 

Prep/Master Floor Grinders for Sale

In our Prep/Master line of concrete floor grinders, we have all types of machines to help meet your needs. When you need a compact floor grinder for use in residential garages, basements, and small offices, the Prep/Master Junior is easy to use in these compact areas while still delivering the power and performance you expect. We also have large walk behind floor grinders that are powered by either electric or propane and for the largest spaces, including warehouses, consider our ride-on floor grinders that offer up to 44-inch working width and built-in S-curve motions for ideal results. 

To coordinate with your Prep/Master floor grinder, be sure to choose a Prep/Master dust collector. These powerful dust collectors are designed to reduce clean up time and ensure your job site is clean, safe, and healthy, as well as OSHA compliant.  

Using Substrate Technology Diamond Systems

While having a Prep/Master floor grinder is essential to getting the finish and polish you want, you need to pair it with the right tooling and diamond pads. The engineering and design team at Substrate Technology Inc. created diamond systems for all types of tasks, including buffing terrazzo, polishing stone and marble, and restoring and polishing concrete. With proper use and care, you’ll be amazed at the durability these pads offer as well as the incredible results they deliver.  

Order Your Substrate Technology Inc. Surface Preparation Equipment Today

Whether you need a durable, powerful floor grinder to smooth and polish concrete, a complete diamond system to get a beautiful mechanical finish, or grinding tooling and accessories, Substrate Technology Inc.’s Prep/Master line will help you meet your goals. To learn more about our products, find the right equipment and tooling, or get a quote, reach out to us today at  +1 (815) 941-4800 or complete our contact form.