PLP Diamonds Get Results at Grocery Store – Michigan

Our customer in Alpena, MI got a good taste at the superior results made by the STI planetary diamond system.

The PLP diamonds were run on a Meijer store concrete floor in Alpena, MI. The space was approximately 10,000 SF (1,000 m2). STI’s sales rep first ground the floor using the 50 & 100 terrazzos as the initial cut. Then he followed up with the #5 PLP through #9 PLP.

The tools were operated under an HTC 800 Classic running three pads per tool plate. The process took less time than expected and got better results than they hoped for.

STI Diamonds Speak for Themselves

Our customer was extremely happy! PLP diamonds speak for themselves. It’s a complete diamond system that our customers return to over and over again, and want to never use anything else. Try it for yourself!